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Wondershare Filmora: Video Editing Software [REVIEW]

Wondershare doesn’t need any introduction in the software industry. Wondershare Filmora is your perfect video editing companion. It is specially designed for creation, editing and conversion of movies in preparation for sharing on sites. For your top-notch clips, this editor is enriched with a broad spectrum of transitions, effects, titles and images. It’s among the most user-friendly video editing applications with a distinctive compact design. It has been observed that videos shared on societal websites contain irrelevant content and needs to be optimized. Such loopholes are resolved by Wondershare Filmora. This video editor is nicely equipped with advanced applications for processing your movies.

Easy Mode Interface

The “Easy Mode” is as the word suggests “simple” style where Filmora provides you with built-in motifs. Quick and Simple! The “Full Featured Mode” opens full-featured editing to your media files and provides more granularities according to your preference. At the upper-right corner you may view an “Open Recent” that is a “quick access” to the current documents that you’ve made with Filmora.

The user interface is clean, contemporary (like most of the new edition of video editors) and is not clogged/cluttered. There two skins provided: (a) dark epidermis, and (b) Light skin. Ease of access to the attributes of this app is a click away.

Full Feature Mode

The “Full Featured Mode” interface is composed of: (a) Media Library Window — where you place/see all of the media files you import to your editing (b) Toolbar — provides simple access to your editing features. (c) Timeline/Storyboard — where you may arrange all your video editing. (d) Preview Window — where you can see what you’re editing much like the previewing effects, transitions, overlays etc., prior applying them for your edit. (Let it be noted that with this particular review we’ll use this “Full Featured Mode” to allow you to have the ability to see what Filmora can provide you).

Importing Files

Media files can be imported through the Media Library Window>Import> port or you can drag and drop files from explorer or from a different application (like in my case FSViewer.exe) to the Media Library Window. There’s also a built-in video recorder, and you can directly get media files out of that provided you’ve got the webcam attached to your PC. Best and fastest way (at least on me) would be to get all those which you need (audio, movie, components etc.) and place them in a project folder. From that point you can click “Import > Publish a Media Folder”, and Filmora will receive all those in the folder, or you may just drag all of those files (from that project folder to the Media Window! Kindly see the image below where from FSViewer.exe I dragged an image to the Media Window. It may be that we don’t need some parts or we wish to improve the overall video we have or we just want to cut it and shorten it to our liking simply. Here in this part we all can edit all of the sequences of this video that we’ve. You may split, join, cut, crop, rotate a movie or elements of it to your preference. To start off you have to drag a clip to your timeline. Drag left or right to desired timeline view.


Rotate/Flip and Edit Options

You will find options provided so that you may edit your movie to your taste. Click here on the video and select “Edit”. The Edit options will appear which contains functions/options wherein you are able to edit your video.

Using this popular video editing software helps to make professional-looking movies very easy for inexperienced users. Whether the movie is in normal or HD format, created via smartphone camera, camcorder, notebook webcam, and digital camera, then the program may import the movie file and supply the essential components to edit it through Wondershare Filmora intuitive and easy interface.

Many beginners, who wish to become expert and want quick results out of their videos shot on their holiday, work, home, or in different situations find this application very easy to use and helpful.

Wondershare website also comprises user-created clips that are a great way to learn about the energy and abilities of the software. There is an ongoing holiday sale for anyone who wants to bag it at discounted price,


Video & audio editing — all basic video editing alternatives can be found here such as trimming, rotate, crop, mix, aspect ratio, hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, movie velocity, etc..

Advanced visual effects — one of the key facets which make the program different from some rival products is that the vast number of effects that could be utilized for the movies. Various filters, components, overlays, and titles and texts are available in the ramifications library that’s continuously updating and increasing in size. The source bundle of Filmora applications which contains more than 300 effects could also be downloaded from the official Wondershare site to make the most of the entire Feature mode of the program. You can purchase more effects from the effects store sale.

Easy publishing — the program makes it very simple and easy to share created videos to main social websites and movie sharing websites. DVD burning with Filmora Wondershare is also possible with no problem. The program may be used to optimize videos so they would be with Android and iOS tablets and tablets.

The above features were mentioned to provide a quick thought about the program and the possibilities available once working with it. To get more detailed overview it is far better to give it a go and see for yourself how this fantastic video editing program works for you.

Among the advantages of utilising Wondershare video editor would be that in addition to the Microsoft Windows version like many other comparable programs, they offer a Mac version (compatible with OS X 10.7 or greater) as well, which is very practical for users using Apple devices.


Additionally, the Windows version of the program can be used with nearly most versions such as Windows 10, 7, 8, XP, and Windows Vista.

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