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Why Do I Need Elevator Inspections?

Elevators are extremely important structures that are virtually indispensable in every modern building today. In order to ensure the safety of the building it is housed in as well as the individuals who regularly use it, it is necessary for elevators to undergo proper inspections regularly. These inspections check to see if the equipment is up to the mandatory standards and codes.

Listed below are some reasons why elevators should be inspected at least once a year-

  1. To ensure compliance with standards and codes- it is necessary for elevators that are in use to comply with the NEC and the ANSI 17.1 safety codes. You will have no idea how to check for this and so it is important to call in professionals who are well trained and will be able to check whether the elevator is in compliance with these codes. Elevator inspects check for a few main things such as the illumination and lighting outlets, the functioning of switches, the effectiveness of heat and smoke detectors as well as alarms and emergency devices. If these inspections are not conducted on a regular basis, the elevator could malfunction leading to serious damage to the building it is in as well as the people in it.
  2. To minimise downtime- downtime refers to the amount of time that the elevator is not functioning because it is under repair. When regular inspections are carried out, different flaws whether it is in the installation of parts or the faultiness of one or more specific parts can be detected. If these are fixed as soon as they are discovered, the downtime reduces.
  3. Reduces the odds of accident- as has been mentioned, regular inspection allows for regular servicing which in turn reduces the risk of accidents. This can save the building owners a lot of money that they would otherwise have to spend on liability lawsuits for poor safety standards.
  4. Reduces unnecessary expenses- by reducing downtime, you can reduce the chances of the elevator completely shutting down. This automatically reduces your expenses on repairs.

It is important for you to seek the help of licensed elevator inspectors. The easiest way for you to find a reliable inspector is to contact the dealer from whom you got your elevator. Your dealer, if he is reputed, will be able to plan out your elevator inspections according to whenever it is necessary. Reputed and licensed inspectors have sufficient knowledge regarding the latest safety standards and regulations for your building and will therefore know exactly what to do in order to ensure that you are in compliance with your building’s rules. The most basic services that licensed inspectors provide include-

  1. On-site inspections
  2. Annual inspections
  3. Specification development
  4. Maintenance and modernization surveys
  5. Code evaluations

Inspectors offer services that are listed above and many more in addition to these. In order to make sure that you get all of these benefits as well as value for your money, approach a reliable and reputed elevator company that can arrange your inspections. In addition to being able to install it properly, they also offer repair and resting services.

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