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What is Saltstack Certification Course?


Saltstack is the fast developing open source communities all over the world. It will create and configure management software for the automation of ITOps, DevOps and CloudOps at scale. Saltstack is the effective and perfect remote execution and configuration management that can be employed to handle the infrastructure in a repeatable and structured way. This course will let you know about how to handle and manage the administrator and multiple server environments in Saltstack. This course is something that will cater you tons of job opportunities in the Saltstack field.

What the course is about?

The Saltstack certification course is a python-based open source configuration management that helps the participants to learn about the infrastructure of the salt and its configuration. This course will provide the in-depth knowledge to the real scenarios to leverage saltstack to manage the servers and troubleshoot problems. The learners of this course can able to identify and encounter the problems and resolve them in no time. By the way, the time to deliver the project would not be extended or disturbed. This course covers the basic principles, concepts and ideas of Saltstack. Further, this course covers the following concepts,

  • Overview of Saltstack
  • Architectural overview of remote execution
  • Introduction to YAML
  • About literals, mapping, sequences
  • Salt states
  • Installation of Ubuntu
  • Anatomy of salt command
  • The Jq tool
  • Installation of Amazon EC2
  • Targeting minions
  • List matching
  • IP matching
  • Compound matching
  • Globbing
  • Package management
  • Templating
  • Secure storage
  • Salt environments
  • Integration with Docker and more.

Who can take the course?

Not surprisingly, it is something important to know about the target audience of the course ahead taking part in the course. Since, it will be of no use in learning something that does not make any sense to your career. The Saltstack training in Los Angeles will be helpful to the following professionals,

  • IT Professionals
  • IT infrastructure manager
  • Administrators
  • Developers
  • And other people that are passionate about knowing something about saltstack course

The Benefits of learning the course

By the end of the course, the participants will be able to,

  • Learn about the templating engines and how they are used to configure the minion configuration values
  • Configure the systems to manage the salt states and learn the basic fundamentals to work in the salt infrastructure
  • Learn how to use saltstack to manage large deployments
  • Understand salt environments and its necessary functions
  • Know how to integrate salt with docker
  • Install Amazon EC2 and Ubuntu with all ease
  • Know about mapping, sequences and literals

Fundamentals of the course

No such fundamentals are required to take part in the course. Rather, anyone can learn the course if they think that this course will help them to move further in their career.

Course Certification

The participants of the course will get the course certification from the institute. But there are eligibilities stipulated by the institute to provide the certificate. All the participants have to meet the criteria set by the institute for getting the course certification.

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