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What are Frequent Causes of Work Accidents?

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Accidents in the workplace are often preventable. Many times they are due to being distracted, not following safety procedures, or poor housekeeping. Workers may not be adequately trained or have the proper equipment.

Other Causes of Work Accidents

In some instances accidents are the result of being tired. This is why it is important for workers to take breaks throughout the day. Some jobs are physically challenging. A few minutes of rest can give you time to recover and prevent mistakes that could cause injury.

A good work environment is crucial to safety. Often workers do not get along. Although people do not realize it, this can be one of the major reasons for accidents. It is more common than most people think. Teamwork is very important because all workers benefit from watching out for each other. This is particularly true in certain types of jobs such as in an industrial setting.

Another reason for work accidents is not having the proper footwear or safety equipment. Workers should be informed when it comes to having the right protective clothing, non-slip shoes, and safety equipment required by the job. Accidents can be prevented when the employee adheres to these requirements. In the event that an accident does occur, a workers’ compensation claim should be filed to compensate the worker for lost wages and treatment for injuries.

Defective Equipment Can Cause Accidents

One of the causes of serious accidents is defective equipment. When someone is injured because a machine or other equipment is defective, the manufacturer is generally responsible. An injury due to defective equipment can result in a claim being filed against the manufacturer.

Rather than the employer being the responsible party, a third party is considered responsible. Compensation for this injury will need to be filed with the insurance company of the third party. One example of a firm that handles third party insurance claims beaverton or is the Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen.

Work accidents are some of the most dangerous, particularly in certain occupations. It is estimated that there are more than 2 million job-related accidents each year. Many result in loss of work for an extended period of time. Companies are required to follow certain rules such as those put in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to help prevent accidents. In fact, they can actually be fined if they do not follow these rules.

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