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Visit the Armani hotel in Dubai for an ultimate luxurious experience

The Armani hotel in Dubai is a classic case of two major brands coming together to form a synergy that takes the customer by storm. Both Dubai and Armani have become distant brands in themselves with each having great star value. It is no surprise then that the Armani Hotel in Dubai should be on your checklist when in Dubai.


To say that the design of the building is breathtaking would be an understatement. It is an architect’s dream and a visitor’s fantasy. With class and luxury at every turn, very lobby of the building, the building is a symbol of excellence. Aesthetically pleasing, it is also high in function as it houses many facilities for its visitors. The building also provides a magnificent view of the city as it is very strategically placed. With the sun and moonlight bouncing off the glass structure, this is one of the most visually appealing hotels in Dubai. Many of the top travel companies offer some great deals if you are looking at Hyderabad to Dubai flight ticket booking.

Shop till you drop

The hotel is situated at a convenient distance from the Dubai Mall which can be crossed in not more than five minutes. If you are looking to shop for local hidden gems or want to take back souvenirs, the Dubai Gold Souk traditional market is also at barely ten minutes. Dubai is as famous for its retail as it is for its infrastructure, the hotel gives you access to the best in shopping that Dubai must offer.

The hotel has it all

The hotel is home to eight different restaurants offering dining experience from Japan to Middle-eastern to Indian and more. With a luxury spa centre and a gym within the hotel, one never must leave the hotel. It is a perfect place to stay if you are looking to relax as you never must leave the lap of luxury to get whatever you want. Conversely, if you are traveling for work, there is no place more comfortable to recharge your batteries. Check out some great deals on the internet if you are looking for Hyderabad to Dubai flight ticket booking.

Service with a smile

It is not merely the hotel’s structure and facilities that give it a good reputation, but it is the service of its staff that makes you want to go back again and again. The hotel is renowned for its highly trained and courteous staff. Purely based on customer satisfaction, the hotel is one of the top-rated hotels in the region. The staff puts the cherry on top as they are always happy to help with all your needs.

Attention to detail

Not only is the hotel a benchmark of excellence in the hotel industry but is also one of the few hotels that have been known to cater to special requests of its visitors. The services and to some extent, the room can also be customised according to the needs of its clients. The hotel has been known to host dignitaries and celebrities in the past and can take care of all your requirements, big or small. Each room has been decorated keeping the high standards of the brand Armani in mind to indulge its inhabitants in decadence and comfort.

The hotel is a symbol of luxury and comfort tied together with excellent services and facilities. The hotel has, over time, made a name for itself as being the top contender for the best hotel in the region and it should be all you need for a luxurious and relaxing stay in Dubai.


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