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Using Virtual Property Tours to Market Real Estate

A Pen is mightier than a sword. Similarly, a video is mightier than a picture. Therefore, if a picture speaks a thousand word, a virtual property tour speaks a million. Today, the real estate market is pretty competitive, and you need to do something out of the box, that will give you an edge over other people who are also trying to sell their house. This, in business term is also called as a competitive advantage. It is also very essential to give your prospective buyers a better feel about the estate you are offering, and therefore, a virtual property tour not only gives you a competitive advantage but also offers the buyers with a proper view of your estate.

Virtual house tours are not tough to make, and they can be easily made through your existing digital camera, or you may also hire a professional to make a virtual property tour for your estate. If you are using a digital camera, you can buy a wide-angle lens that are generally cheap. The reason for buying a wide-angle lens is that, while shooting it shoots for a wider area, which gives the viewer a soothing experience.

If you are shooting with your own camera, you can actually consult a third party for the post shooting or the development parts. Stitching the picture and editing the video can be a rough experience, and therefore it’s better to consult a third party about that. On the contrary, you may also shoot what photographers call as a panorama. You may click pictures of your home, and then let a professional stitch them, and cut the overlapping parts, and voila, it will look like a panorama.

Before shooting the virtual tour of your home, think about what would you like to portray about your home to your prospective buyers. Keeping in mind the best amenities and attributes of your home, shoot for the virtual tour. It is advisable that you make a list of what are the attributes or position that you want to show to your buyers. Shoot those positions extensively. Mainly, to narrow it down, potential buyers mainly look for three things when they are out looking for a new home.

· The first thing people look for in a home, is the front porch. You may click a panoramic 360-degree view of your front porch, including the whole neighborhood. Neighborhood is important, especially if your clients would be coming in as a family. Before shooting a panoramic, it is important that you keep your driveway free, and also your lawn manicured. It is imperative to show the best of your property, and therefore, keep away from recording dead leaves and try clicking fresh pictures.

· The second thing most of the people look for is the kitchen. Highlight the natural aspects of your kitchen, like the counters, cabinets and appliances. Before clicking pictures of your kitchen be careful about removing the portable devices like mixers and toasters as they might block your customers view. Also, remove things from the body of the refrigerator like sticky notes, and report cards of your son.

· The final thing that people mostly see is the master suite or the bedroom, and the attached bathroom. While shooting, make the master bedroom as attractive as possible. Make sure that the bed is made, and also make sure that your bathroom is free of clutter and clean.

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