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Using stationary exercise bikes and rowing machines

Using exercise bikes and rowing machines is a great way to carry out non-weight bearing workouts. While the exercise bike basically targets the muscles in the lower body, the rowing machine impacts muscles both in the lower and the upper body. The exercise bikes are mostly recommended to those who are overweight, old, or quite deconditioned.

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While cycling is a wonderful workout, outdoor cycling carries a number of different risks that majority of which come from the traffic. Cycling indoors provides all the benefits of cycling outdoors without the risk factor. As a result of this, indoor stationary cycling bikes are considered a wonderful way to tone up the lower body.

Overweight people can make use of semi-recumbent and recumbent bikes in which it is possible to lean back while pedaling with the feet placed in the front. This reduces the joint stress that these individuals might feel by pedaling on the traditional exercise bikes.

What are the benefits of stationary cycling bikes?

Cycling is considered as a cardiovascular exercise which targets the entire body and raises the heartbeat as a result of which oxygenated blood gets supplied throughout the body. Moreover, it also increases the lung capacity and promotes a healthier heart by burning unhealthy fat.

Since cycling makes use of the lower body muscles,for the most part, it is the most efficient method of burning calories. This is because the lower body muscles are the largest muscle group in the body. Cycling primarily impacts the muscles that exist in the buttocks, groin, back thighs, and front thighs.

What is a rowing machine?

A rowing exercise machine consists of a flywheel that is further connected to a handle. On this machine, an individual exercises by pushing his body backward by using his legs. This goes under the assistance of a pulley. Then, the individual uses his arms to return back to the initial position. This entire effort involves that use of muscles present at the back, biceps, legs, shoulders, and abdomen.

For people with a heart disease, or those seeking recovery from a heart attack, rowing can be a very strenuous exercise. For people who are seeking cardiac rehabilitation, recumbent bikes are considered far more rewarding. Nevertheless, both of these machines include different resistance settings that can be used to increase the stress put on the muscles which in return increases the strength and increases endurance.

In case your job does not involve a lot of movements, your back muscles may remain underdeveloped. This will be true in case you are not a boxer, a farmer, a swimmer, tennis player, or a martial artist. According to a number of surveys, back muscles usually remain ignored by most people including those who maintain an active workout schedule.

Using the rowing machine, in this case, can bring wonderful results. By using a rowing machine, you will be able to incorporate cross-training for all types of exercises such as cycling, aerobics, running, and walking.

The biggest difference between stationary exercise bikes and rowing machines, however, lies in the movement and hence the major muscle groups that are targeted.


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