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Ultimate Teen Patti App – Now Play Card Games on your Mobile

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Teen Patti is the Indian version of poker and is played extensively all over the Indian sub-continent and south Asia. This three cards game, also known as flash or flush, is basically a gambling card game. The three cards that a player gets decides the fate of the player along with his/her analytic skills to place appropriate bets, guessing the strength of his/her cards in comparison to the other players’ cards.

Teen Patti Card Ranks (From High to Low)

  • Three of a kind
  • Pure sequence
  • Sequence
  • Colour
  • Pair
  • High card

Now that everything is online and we have so many game apps available on the Google Play Store, how can we not have an app for Teen Patti? Today we are here to review one of the most popular Teen Patti game apps available for the Android platform – the Ultimate Teen Patti App.

Why Ultimate Teen Patti App?

There may be several Teen Patti apps in the app market but this one is definitely one that you must try.

It’s Free

The Ultimate Teen Patti app for Android is absolutely free. You can play your favourite Teen Patti card game with people like you, who also enjoy it as much as you do.

Real Life Experience

Playing with this app is just like playing cards in real life. You get absolutely the same feeling while playing the free Teen Patti card game with multi-players from all across the globe. You will get to play with many poker and betting games’ lovers. You can play your favourite game of Teen Patti online with your friends, family or from unknown players worldwide. The app provides special private, code-accessed casino rooms to play with friends and family. Create private tables to play with friends.

Never run out of Chips

The Ultimate Teen Patti mobile game app gives you 300,000 free chips on install, which is a very big amount if used cleverly. You get 200,000 chips on installation and the rest 100,000 when you connect to Facebook. You can play a lot of games using this amount even if you lose a couple of times. And then, this app offers free Bonus chips in every 4 hours to ensure that you never run out of chips and can continue playing, whenever you wish too.

Multiple Language Options

This stunning app lets you choose the language you are comfortable at. You can play in English or in Hindi.

No Limit Tables

This is the only Teen Patti game app with no limit tables. So, it gives you the freedom of choosing the Boot and bet as high as you want. You should have that much chips though!

Low Data Usage

Do you use a 2g connection? Or, is your Wi-Fi a bit slow? Well, no issue. With the Ultimate Teen Patti app for Android you can play comfortably on both 2g and 3g connections. This app has low data usage and it works well on slow connections as well.

Win real life prizes too!

If you are lucky enough, you might end up winning real life prizes like mobile phones, tablets, etc. in the lucky draw contested by the Ultimate Teen Patti game app online.

Different Game Types

Playing the same game might bore you in the long run. But this Teen Patti app lets you enjoy a few variations by offering different game types such as the Classic Teen Patti, where you have low Boot tables and No Limit, where you can bet as high as you want. Other than this you get to choose your own favourite Teen Patti variations like AK47, Muflis, Lowest Joker, 10x Boot, etc.

The app also hosts some tournaments that bring you a chance of competing against the best players from across the globe. This is your chance of winning big at these weekly tournaments played at the Ultimate Teen Patti mobile game app.

The Last Words

Experience the thrill and anxiety of India’s poker Teen Patti game with this ultimate Teen Patti app on Android. We bet you’ll have a great time playing with people from across the world and winning, an experience similar to playing the game in real life. Enjoy playing!

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