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Top Drupal Web Developers to Follow on Social Media 

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The best way to get ahead in the world of Drupal development is to follow a leading developer and read their tips and tricks for working with the Drupal Content Management System. Several Drupal developers have risen to the top of their field and gained a considerable following on social media and other networks. Check out these top Drupal web developers to follow on social media so that you can stay informed about changes to the CMS and learn new tips for developing your own Drupal projects.

1. Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media is a Drupal development company with a large social media presence. This leading development company has social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Google Plus. This Drupal developer is a media-based development company that can help you learn to integrate 360 video and other modern media features on your own websites. Sign up for Drupal hosting and follow this company on Facebook to get started making your own Drupal projects.

2. August Ash

August Ash is a Drupal developer whose social media posts you don’t want to miss. This unique and creative developer can teach you how to develop for Drupal with marketing and eCommerce in mind. The Drupal development posts on August Ash’s Facebook include tips and tricks for making the most of your development sessions with the Drupal CMS.

3. The Creative Momentum

The Creative Momentum is a Drupal development team that frequently makes posts on social media networks like Twitter. Topics discussed on their Twitter range from UX and machine learning to shortcodes and other tips for developing modules for the Drupal CMS. This team’s Twitter has posted over 1900 times since they created their account in 2012.

4. Junction Creative Solutions

Junction Creative Solutions is a social media-equipped Drupal web development team that also runs a handy blog full of Drupal design and development tips. This team posts scientific articles that can help you integrate your development projects to well-planned frontend designs and unify your development process. This development team also offers a newsletter than can be accessed through email after a quick sign-up.

5. Dries Buytaert

Dries Buytaert is the developer who created the Drupal Content Management System. His Twitter is a great place to learn more about changes in Drupal and pick up on some Drupal development tips. Subscribe to Dries’ social network profiles to stay informed about the CMS and find relevant information that can help you make the most of your Drupal hosting. Dries has tweeted over 15000 times and often answers user questions and relays information that developers and designers find invaluable.

6. PreviousNext

PreviousNext is a Drupal development team with a handy blog and accompanying social media presence. This team posts how-to articles and other guides for developing cutting-edge modules for the Drupal platform. This is a great place to learn security and testing techniques for your Drupal development projects. Use the RSS feed option in your browser to get instant notifications when this blog posts new articles and guides.

7. Fabian Bircher

Fabian Bircher is a well-known Drupal developer at Nuvole with social media and blog articles that can help you learn how to navigate Drupal development. The tips and guides posted at Nuvole detail everything you need to know in order to upgrade your Drupal websites when new versions of the CMS are released. This developer also writes articles about creating and maintaining Drupal extensions.

8. Inviqa

Inviqa is a team of Drupal developers that post handy development tips on Twitter and other social networks. This team has over 4000 helpful tweets and offers consultation services for Drupal website owners. Learn how to code more efficiently and raise your conversion rates with the information posted by this skilled Drupal development team.

9. Amazee Labs

The Amazee Labs development team is comprised of about a dozen highly killed Drupal developers that can assist you through any Drupal development project. The team members at Amazee have various social media profiles on networks like Facebook and Twitter where they share helpful coding techniques and lesser-known Drupal programming tips.

10. Dev Days

Dev Days runs a popular Twitter account that will help you keep up with any changes to the Drupal CMS that may affect your development work. This Twitter has posted over 4000 times and is currently followed by thousands of Drupal developers. Check in on this development team through Twitter for up-to-date information regarding global Drupal developer meetups and events and to connect with other Drupal developers across the world.

Following one of these developers or Drupal development teams will give you access to invaluable information that can help you Drupal projects get off the ground. You’ll be able to keep your coding secure and efficient by implementing the tips and guides provided by these leading developers.

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