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Top Catering Tips for Your Next Corporate Event

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Corporate events are organised for different reasons by companies, ranging from events to impress clients to felicitating employees for successfully finishing big projects, or to simply celebrate company milestones. No matter what the reason for the corporate event, these events are important and quite large scale. The catering service employed should be reputed so that the event does not fall flat on its face. If you want to impress your guests, you should ensure that the food served is good, and is served well. Listed below are a few catering tips you can follow to plan your corporate event properly-

  1. Take a proper head count- the first thing you should know is how many people are going to attend your event. Your budget for the event is related to how many people are going to be there. To finalise and fix a budget, you will have to know the exact number of people that are going to show up. Once you have a close approximation, you will be able to fix a venue that can comfortable accommodate everyone as well as figure out your food catering.
  2. Choice of refreshments- not every corporate event will have an open bar serving alcohol. In the case that the event is something more business oriented like a meeting or a training seminar, there will be no bar. However, if the objective of the event is to entice new clients, you may want to have an open bar. Whether or not you choose to have an open bar is also dependent on your budget.
  3. Set an itinerary- it is important that the event you organise follows a proper schedule so as to not leave your guests bored or listless. In the case of a business meet, you may have several speakers and presentations. Ensure that each person gets enough time to speak their part. Additionally, you must make time for the caterers to set up, prepare, and serve food efficiently. In case your schedule changes, make sure you keep all parties in the loop
  4. Don’t bore, include variety- this is especially applicable in the case of the food. Make sure there is a variety of food and cuisine options for your guests. Some of your guests may also be health conscious so make sure you take their dietary preferences into consideration
  5. Impress your guests- you don’t have to go out of your way to do this but a well-placed sculpture or decoration can do wonders to make the event memorable. You can also serve different types of drinks and desserts to impress your guests
  6. Personalise the event- make each of your guests feel special by adding a personal touch. This could be something as simple as adding a nametag to each place at the table. This will make them feel cared about and will also serve as a conversation starter
  7. Use aesthetic linen- using the right linen can have a huge visual impact on your guests. Ensure that the linen you pick out is elegant and well-textured. If your event is themed, make sure the linen fits in with this.

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