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Tips to Prepare for JEE Mains 2019


Students aspiring to study in the prestigious IITs must clear the JEE Mains examinations. However, preparing for the JEE Mains along with the Class XII board examinations can prove to be a daunting task due to the difference in the patterns of the respective examinations. A structured approach to studying can go a long way towards cracking the JEE Mains along with the Class XII boards. Here are a few pointers to help students tackle the JEE Mains 2019.

Keeping up with the changes – The recent changes to the JEE examinations include the shift of the exam conducting body to the National Testing Agency from CBSE. The examination is now being conducted twice a year with Paper I being completely computer-based and paper II part computer-based and part written. The first attempt is going to be held between the 1st and 20th of January 2019 whereas the second attempt would be held between the 6th and 20th of April. Each of these attempts has 8 different slots.

Maintaining a healthy body and mind – Eating healthy food and keeping hydrated can help boost your memory. This will help students recall what they have studied on the actual day of the examination. Testimonials from students state that meditation also helps boost memory. Avoiding stress and pessimism is important since they hamper the studying process. Taking breaks wherever necessary to relax and refresh your mind is a good practice. Negative trains of thought must be derailed to keep up your self-confidence and optimism.

Analyzing the previous question papers – A detailed study of the previous question papers can help a student feel more comfortable while taking the actual examination and can also offer a lot of insight towards the marks allocation and the difficulty levels of the questions in the examination. For example – a study of the JEE Main 2017 question paper reveals that 52 marks in physics, 56 marks in chemistry and 52 marks in mathematics were on questions from class XI syllabus whereas 68 marks in physics, 64 marks in chemistry and 68 marks in mathematics were on questions from the syllabus of class XII.

Seeking professional coaching can also help optimize your study approach towards the JEE Mains Examination. Crash courses and E-Learning applications are known to have simplified methods to teach difficult concepts. Here is a link to help you understand how to approach pulley problems in JEE.

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