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Thinking about when to renovate your home? Now would be a good time!


We all want our homes to look impeccably beautiful. We take special pride in our abodes after all this is the place you call home. We decorate, we clean and do just about everything to make it look amazing. However, you cannot stop a building from deteriorating or the paint from falling or the walls from cracking due to weather.

Wear and tear is a part of life. You cannot control it. However, you can fix it. Home improvement is a part of life. Ideally, we wait until we have enough time to do the renovations or enough money. However, with most of us, that time does not actually come as you are busy with work or get busy with other aspects.

Well, if you are waiting or the right time, it is now!

You must be wondering that why we would say that? You can do renovations to your home at any given time. Well, there is no time like the present and here is why:

1. Festivities: Festivities are in the air and this makes it the perfect time to go ahead do the small home improvement works that you have always put at the back of your mind. You can apply that fresh coat of paint your house needed for years or remodel the bedroom to make more space.

2. Interest rates: Apart from the aesthetics of it, interest rates on home renovation loans are much lower as compared to a personal loan or home loan interest rates.

3. Tenures: Each loan has a different tenure. Home renovation loans also have a flexible tenure that can be from 12 months to 360 months. This gives you the freedom to pay as much as you can with various EMI options available.

4. Higher Loan amount: You can get up to 90% of your total home renovation amount, which will cover maximum costs that will be incurred.

Ashish Dey applied for a home renovation loan from a financial institution like Tata Capital as he wanted to remodel his home before his wedding. He knew that taking a personal loan would not be enough and he did not want to dip into his savings. He checked for his eligibility criteria online and calculated his EMI through an online EMI calculator. He realized this was a much suitable option for him and he could afford to repay the same within a considerable amount of time.

Your home is a safe place for you. Make it look beautiful because you deserve it.

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