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Things that you should know before getting your car window tinted

Most people are conscious of the dangers and implications of long-term exposure to the sun, which will cause major damage to their skin and eyes. People have this impression that the harmful UV rays can’t penetrate glass and therefore they are safe once the windows are rolled up while the fact is at least 30% of those UV rays can get through the normal glass, putting you and your loved ones in danger. Tinting your car windows can help you to overcome this problem and it also offers protection against remains of glass after a collision shatters the window. The film bonds the glass together and although it will not stop the glass shattering.

But before you decide to get your car windows tinted here are few useful things that you should know to be on a safer side.

Check out the tint laws of your state

Car window tinting laws were passed with safety in mind, ensuring visibility for drivers on the road or police officers approaching pulled over vehicles. But each state’s law varies and this causes confusion on what is actually illegal. Moreover, the language in these laws can be quite technical. So to enjoy all of the benefits of car window film, you’ll first want to make sure you understand and follow the law in your state.

Quality of tint is the next thing that matters the most

After acquiring what percentage of tint is allowed by your state, next step is getting the window tinted. Next choice you need to make is whether you want an inexpensive and low-quality window film or a high-quality one.

This can be tricky because low and high-quality window films both look the same at the start. But as the time passes by, you will start to note the differences between the two. A cheap one will start to get purplish, fade-out, get all “fizzy”, and wear out. That would leave your windshield looking all untidy.

If you are planning to keep your car for a while, like for more than a year, it is advisable for you to go for the high-quality film. Inquire from different shops and question them about the quality. See if they offer you any guarantee.

Be familiar with the type of tints

So you have made up your mind that you want to tint your car windows, but you don’t know what type of tint to get. For that purpose, you need to visit various providers to know the best for your car. Usually speaking, choosing the right car window tint isn’t about it being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but more about your personal inclinations. You can’t really make a bad decision, but getting the complete best tint for your needs is important.

Learn how to maintain it.

After the tint is installed, next thing is you should learn how to maintain it for longer. One should wait for a few days before dusting and rolling down your windows. You should not risk pulling the tint loose until you are sure it is fully dried.


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