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Stress Less When Planning Your Wedding

So you’re getting married – congratulations! Your wedding is going to be a spectacular day, a chance for you to share your love with your family and friends and – oh, God, they’re all going to be there! What if it goes wrong? What if-

Alright, hold on, calm down. Weddings are huge events, sure, and there’s no way to completely avoid all stress while planning one. But there are some steps you can take to make sure that your wedding planning process is as simple as it possibly can be. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Do you want a wedding planner?

Wedding planners aren’t cheap, but if you can afford one, they’re a game-changing investment. A wedding planner’s job is to stand between you and all of the terrifying deadlines and details that could derail your wedding. You’ll still have the ultimate say over all the important (and unimportant) parts of your wedding, but the paperwork and phone calls will all be simplified. A good wedding planner is a soothing presence and a powerful broker that connects you with the right venue and services for your wedding.

Choose the right venue

You’ll want a place to hold the actual wedding – that’s a place of worship for some of you, but not all – and a wedding reception venue. Two venues! Oh my God. But hold on for a moment, because many wedding venues offer a spot for both the ceremony and the reception, and there are plenty of places where you can do both in the same spot.

When choosing your venue, consider how much is included. Some venues even offer wedding planners are part of the deal, which can be a huge help – or a big expense, depending on what you value most. Some venues will provide alcohol, which is convenient but expensive. Others will give you the option of bringing in your own booze and bartenders, which means extra planning, but big savings. Consider find someone right out of bartending school to take the job – they’ll be licensed, but they could use the money and likely won’t cost as much as a more experienced bartender.

Remembering the out-of-venue details

Your venue may help you set up a lot of the event details, but remember that there are other things to consider, too! Make a full list of all of the things you’ll need for your wedding that will be important outside your wedding, from limousine rentals to invitations. This can be helpful because these items are the ones that few people will be there to remind you of, since these services aren’t interrelated in the way that the in-venue services are.

Reduce day-of stress

There’s no way to avoid being overwhelmed on your wedding day, but try to stay calm – this is your big day! Think ahead of time about things that might make you nervous. Is speaking in front of your friends and family a problem? Maybe a public speaking course would help put you at ease. Afraid you’ll look like a fool on the dance floor? Well, you shouldn’t be, but maybe you should visit a local dance studio and see what kinds of classes they offer for beginners. Don’t feel like you’re in “wedding shape?” A good diet and exercise program can help (just don’t overdo it – starving yourself while planning a big event is no fun at all).

It’s your day – don’t let anyone get you down

Once the big day arrives, there’s nothing more you can do – so do your best not to worry about it. Emotions will be running high, but remember that this day is for you! If something does go wrong, don’t get upset about what others will think or feel. There’s no more time for planning or stress, so why sweat it? Just dance with your husband or wife and enjoy the feeling of being newlyweds. This is your big day, and that doesn’t mean it has to be perfect – that just means that you should enjoy it, no matter what!

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