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Smart Bikes that are Easy to Insure

When planning to buy a bike, there are so many things we factor in. For most of us budget plays a major role when it comes to making such a huge investment. Whether you are new to bike riding or experienced enough, if you want to ride legally in India, you need to have your bike insured. So, this time, you must also consider the cost of your two wheeler insurance policy.

To begin with, check out the following bikes that are not only cheap to insure but are also fun to ride.

Bajaj Pulsar

​​​​​​The Bajaj Pulsar has been the most sought-after bike till date, which makes it irresistible especially for Indian youngsters. If you are one of these Pulsar-heads it is understandable that even a scratch on your bike will give you heartache. Priced at approx 79K, the cost of the premium amount for a Bajaj Pulsar Bike Insurance is pretty reasonable.

Honda CB Unicorn

The Honda CB Unicorn is a perfect blend of style, quality, comfort and performance. It is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated bikes manufactured by Honda costing around 78K. If you ride a Unicorn, you certainly need a two wheeler insurance to protect it.

Hero Splendor

​​​​​​The Hero Splendor has been around for more than 2 decades and so it is obvious that people share a very special bond with the brand. It has gone through numerous iterations which has made it better over the years. Highly recommend by many, the Hero Splendor has become a household name throughout the country. The bike is priced at around 50K as of now, so you can safely assume that the premium amount for a Hero Splendor bike insurance would be a budget deal.

Honda Activa

The Honda Activa is undisputedly the most popular scooty running on Indian roads. The sleek and quirky design of the latest Activa dazzles onlookers. Although it is priced at 60K, if you are looking for an insurance policy to cover your Honda Activa, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that its insurance premiums are pretty affordable.

All of the above listed bikes would have premiums going up to a monthly maximum of Rs.2500 only, so you can be sure that these bikes are cheap to insure. So, pick a bike of your choice and get a motor insurance at the most affordable premium rates.

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