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Road signs you must know before driving in India


In a country where the human population is constantly rising, it is important to adhere to guidelines that can make life easy for everyone. For instance, many people do not have car insurance in India, even though it is mandatory, and often ignore the road signs, which can lead to disastrous road accidents.

So, if you’re someone who drives frequently in India, first you must buy car insurance policy that safeguards you and your vehicle against unforeseen damages. Secondly, you must familiarize yourself with road signs. This will definitely make your commute easier and safer. Listed below are 10 important road signs you must know before driving in India:

  1. Speed Limit Sign: This is one of the most important road signs you will come across. Speed limit signs are used to regulate the speed at which a vehicle is moving on the road. And, they can vary in limit from state to state.

  1. Stop Sign: As the name suggests, stop signs are used to instruct the drivers to stop their vehicles at a certain point. It is commonly used at intersections with no traffic signals and areas otherwise prone to accidents.

  1. Yield Sign: This is a road sign you may spot around busy intersections. Unlike a stop sign, you do not have to necessarily stop your vehicle while approaching it, but you may have to stop to let other vehicles proceed.

  1. No U-turn Sign: These self-explanatory road signs are the easiest to understand and remain standard throughout the country. The sign is expressed with a curved arrow showing a U-turn and a bold prohibition symbol over it.

  1. Men at Work Sign: This sign is usually quite bold and is placed as a temporary warning to alert drivers of an upcoming construction site in the area.

  1. Keep Right Sign: While this signboard may have a different look in each state, the message remains quite clear and simple. The sign directs the driver to stay on the right side of the road to avoid any obstacles.

  1. No Entry Sign: As the name suggests, no entry means that the road is only accessible for traffic coming from one direction. This is to avoid any roadblocks, and keep the traffic free flowing.

  1. One-way Traffic: Most cities will have a one-way traffic road-sign. This helps in regulating and directing the traffic to move in one direction. It also helps in curbing traffic congestion.

  1. School Ahead: These road signs are spotted near schools, which may or may not be located precisely on the road. These signs, thereby, give drivers an advance warning to go slow.

  1. Parking sign: These signs are found in areas with parking facilities, and are usually put up to segregate parking spaces for different vehicles.

So, be responsible while driving and keep an eye out for these important road signs. Also, you can conveniently buy car insurance online to keep yourself and your vehicle safe before you hit the road.

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