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The Most Commonly Used Electrical Connectors

I would not be surprised if you tell me that this is the first time when you have heard the word, electrical connectors. As complex as it sound but it is something that we come in contact with each and every day. It performs an important task of connecting the source of the power to the device itself, so the device can run and function. We are surrounded by them and without these connectors, no device could work ranging from your TV to your PC.

This would be a perfect place for you to be acquainted with the forms of electrical connectors and how they are differentiated from each other. It is important to know the different functions these connectors perform and their compatibilities. So let us understand these devices which have been an important part of our lives, but still unknown to many.

  • The USB connectors: This could be termed as one of the most commonly used connector which all of us might have used millions of times in our lives. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, and is used to plug in diverse products into our systems (PC or Laptops). Through this connector we can establish a link between the device like wireless mouse, mobiles, cameras and the system. This not only helps us to share data, but also control the connected device. The USB A plug is fitted at the peripherals of the system.
  • D-Subminiature connector: Does this name ring a bell? It might not. But surely you would have used it. At the end of the wire, there is plug like material which is usually rectangular in shape. When the modem is connected to the CPU, this type of specialized wire is used. After connecting, the screws on the either side of it has to be tightened to connect it. All the computers and PC which would be IBM compatible can use it. Many a times test and measurement instruments are also connected through them.
  • Power connectors: Remember the plug points, wall plug or wall sockets on the wall, Power connectors is a fancy name for them. Their main aim is ensuring safety of the people around and make sure that no one accidently touches or comes in contact with the conductors. Ground connector is also one of the major parts of power connector.
  • Frequency connectors: Also known as Radio Frequency Connectors are used in radio and Wi-Fi equipment. It makes sure that the external signals don’t interfere with the signals which are being carried. The circuit is supposed to be fool-proof preventing any leakage of energy.
  • 8P8C connectors: If you have been waiting for a technical name, here it is. These are used with cables which usually carry signals relating to the computer network. If you previously had a dial-up internet connection, you might be familiar with the Ethernet cable. 8P8C name itself mean eight positions and eight conductors.

Now that you know the importance of electrical connectors, you might be able to flaunt your knowledge to impress everyone.

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