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Requirements to Become a Notary

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Notaries provide numerous services for the public. Although they primarily witness the signing of documents to prevent fraud, there are other duties they can perform as well. In certain states a notary can marry people. They may also administer oaths to ensure that a person is telling the truth. If you are considering becoming a notary, there are a few requirements that are necessary.


A notary education course must be taken. This consists of three hours of instruction pertaining to notary law. Once the course is finished, you will receive a certificate of completion. NotaryBonding.com is an example of a site where you can receive information about how to become a notary in florida.

Upon Completion the Course

Within a year of competing the notary education course, you will pay a fee to an approved bonding agency. A surety bond must be provided for a notary to be be commissioned. The bonding agency takes care of this, as well as the state fees, writing your notary bond, and providing you with your notary seal.

Filling Out the Application

The bonding company also provides you with an application. This must be filled out in its entirety. If you miss any information on the application, the bonding company will get the application back for you to complete. This application is very important and attachments may be required if you have a felony conviction, are on probation, or other circumstances. You must submit a statement explaining any charges you had and the judgment.

Convictions on your record must have an accompanying Certification of Restoration of Civil Rights. This document may be called something else depending on where you were convicted of the crime. After you have all of this information, you can give your application to the bonding company, and they will send it to the state.

Your application will be approved or denied. If it is approved, the bonding company wil provide you with your notary seal and commission certificate. If you are denied, you can re-submit your application in another year along with any recommendation letters or other relevant information.

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