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Reach a whole new level of Agile expertise with the PMI-ACP Certification

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Are you looking to increase your knowledge and proficiency in Agile methods? The PMI-ACP certification is the answer that you are looking for. A credential that is a reflection of the holder’s thorough understanding of advanced and key Agile applications, PMI-ACP certification will put you on the map from a career perspective. After completing the Project Management Institute-Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) course by KnowledgeHut, participants will be equipped with detailed knowledge on how to use Agile’s celebrated iterative approach for team responsibilities and goals. The PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner course is available in an online classroom format or you can enrol a larger batch as part of the corporate training option. As with all KnowledgeHut courses, the PMI-ACP certification training is led by tutors who have a lot of industry experience.This course provides a robust preparation platform for the certification exam.Discover more about this dynamic learning experience – its curriculum, training methods, and the prerequisites for the exam.

What can I expect from the PMI-ACP Course?

The main objective of the 3-day PMI-ACP course is to make sure that you have all the requisite knowledge to comfortably pass the certification exam. This course will take you through all the important concepts and topics of Scrum that are relevant at this level. Make sure you are familiar with the prerequisites for this program. Participants need at least 2000 hours experience with general projects and an additional 1500 hours of Agile project experience. You will also need to have accumulated at least 21 contact hours from previous Agile-related trainings. After completing the course, KnowledgeHut will facilitate the next step – the PMI-ACP exam. The test is online and it consists of 120 questions which need to be addressed in 3 hours.

The tutor-led PMI-ACP course begins with a session on the certification and how it benefits the holders. You will also learn about the exam blueprint and get an insight on what to expect in the test content. As part of the Agile Project Management module, you will be learning topics like the key values for Agile leadership, and the APM Framework, amongst many more. Then comes the Value Based Prioritization module which includes many sub topics such as time value of money, customer based prioritization, Agile compliance, and more.

Other modules of this course include Agile analysis and design, Agile estimation, planning and monitoring, Agile risk management and more. Participants will also learn about the role of interpersonal skills and communication in a successful Agile project.

The many benefits of the PMI-ACP Training

Participants of the PMI-ACP training will receive 21 SEUs and 21 PDUs. The expert trainers will also share their industry tips and best practices with you along with the knowledge derived from the course. You will also receive a downloadable e-book and in the lead up to the exam, you will have support via chat, phone, and email. You will also get a mock test.

KnowledgeHut – Your ticket to Agile proficiency

KnowledgeHut is known for its industry-relevant and comprehensive learning programs, delegated via a combination of modern techniques and the charm of an interactive classroom environment. Thousands have forged ahead in their careers with timely KnowledgeHut courses and certifications. This can be your big chance too. Learn more about Agile management certification.

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