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Providing Quality Power Analyzer Solutions For You

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If there is one thing to know about a solid power quality analyzer it would be that they are a bit hard to come by. When it comes to a power analyzer, a good rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for. Naturally, some of these examples can be very expensive, but those are also the examples that will be the most asset for you and all of your endeavors. Of course, there are many other things to know about power analyzers, including the following:

The monitoring power varies based upon the model type.

For example, a PS2500 power analyzer is useful for those who want to have a device with a display directly on the meter and an SD card slot. For those that want more capability, there is the PS3550, which offers a meter display, SD card slot, Bluetooth and USB station, a fully keypad and backlight display, and a THD Harmonics capability. However, for those who want the ultimate power analyzer, there is the PS4550, which offers all of the above capability but also has a swell and dip function, a high-speed transient option and the most accuracy of any model.

Various add-ons for the power analyzers are available.

One of the things many people fail to realize is that these power analyzers have many add-ons. As if they weren’t great enough by themselves, many of these models can offer extra tools to help you get the job done. For example, the PS4550 has a high-frequency analysis option that can drastically improve your meter. By adding spectrum analysis, you can view extra power-line metrics pertinent to your operation. Another great add-on would be the expanded memory option, which can help you to continue to have solid data logging and updates on the power quality. All-in-all, these tools are definitely an important part of your operation.

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