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Newbies Guide to Movavi Photo Editor


Movavi Photo Editor can make your photo clear from the extra unwanted objects that distract the attention away from the main subject. It is able to efficiently remove the unwanted object no matter if it is just a tiny dot or a very large object. It just takes a few clicks to remove any elements that do not need to be in the photo. The Object Removal tool is fairly easy to use as you just have to mark the unwanted object with a few red strokes and click the Start Erasing button to get the erasing process started. The clone tool allows more precise removal of the blemishes.

The background removal tool can delete a solid color background or photo background. You must first select the red brush tool to mark the background that you want the software to cut out. You can use the green brush tool to simply brush a few strokes on the object that you want to keep. The automatic algorithm of the software will display a yellow outline on the object marked in green. The smoothness of the yellow boundary can be set to a scale of 1 to 3. after using the brush tool to mark the background and the object you want to keep, you can press the Cut Out button to delete the background.

Under the Adjust tab in Movavi Photo Editor, you will find the magic enhancement tool and an array of sliders for you to modify the color balance. If your photo has too much shadows, you can lighten it by adjusting the shadows slider. You can also darken highlights in the photo by adjusting the highlights slider. The saturation slider can modify the saturation of various colors in the photo. As you move the saturation slider to the left, you will find that it looks more and more like a black and white photo.

The brightness slider can increase or reduce the brightness level in the photo. The exposure tool can modify the mid tones and lower the brightness level in the photo. The contrast slider can improve the details in the lightness and darkness areas in the photo. Increasing the contrast slider will help to bring out more details in the photo.

If you ever need to crop a photo, you can use the crop tool in Movavi Photo Editor. The crop tool is like a trimming tool that will trim and cut off the areas in a variety of aspect ratio. It can only cut in a rectangle shape. You can change the size of the rectangle crop frame by adjusting the corner with your mouse cursor or specify the width and height. The picture will be cropped when you click the Apply button. Movavi Photo Editor also has a text editor equipped with all the basic text customization features. You will be able to change the font styles, font size and font color. It also gives you the ability to rotate and change the opacity level of the text.

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