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Microsoft Acquires Groove Music App for iOS From Zikera

Microsoft has acquired the Groove music app for iOS from Canadian startup Zikera. The Groove app creators confirmed the acquisition stating that, “We are thrilled to announce that Groove has been acquired by Microsoft!”

Zikera in its Medium post on Wednesday added that the Groove app is no longer available to download but those who have already downloaded the app could continue to use it. The app will also not receive any updates as well.

The startup in an email to WinBeta added, “At the end, joining Microsoft wasn’t part of the deal. They acquired the technology and brand (including the Groove app’s domain).”

Microsoft Acquires Groove Music App for iOS From Zikera

Microsoft spokesperson in an emailed statement to Venture Beat also confirmed the acquisition, but did not elaborate, “Microsoft acquired Zikera’s Groove music app. We have nothing more to share.” Neither of the two companies shared financial details of the acquisition deal or when was it made.

Groove, the iOS music player, specialised in intelligent music discovery. Although Microsoft is yet to confirm how it will be using the technology, it is likely that the tech would will be used in the Redmond-based company’s own Groove Music service, formerly known as Xbox Music service.

Microsoft is not new to iOS app acquisitions. The company nearly a year ago acquired the Sunrise calendar app and in October added the app’s features in to its Microsoft Outlook app.

The Groove acquisition news by Microsoft comes a week after the Redmond-based tech giant acquired SwiftKey, a popular keyboard application. As part of the agreement, SwiftKey employees will join the Microsoft team.

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