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Making The Right Meat Pie

Meat is something that is loved the world over owing to its great taste as well as the sheer amount of food that it is able to provide a person or a family.

Many cuisines the world over, in fact, a majority of the cuisines all over the world have a huge dependence of meat for their food and it is important that they are able to get their recipes right so that the food tastes much better. If you are someone who loves to cook meat, then Licious is perfect for you as the online meat shop that delivers right to your doorstep.


One of the most famous dishes around the world made with meat is the mince or meat pie. The dish is very simple in its recipe and is adopted by many countries around the world. We take a look at some of the more famous pies and how they differ in their making and recipe:


The American meat pie is mostly based around the state of Louisiana where it is one of the official state foods. The meat pie is heavy in meat and is best had with lamb or with chicken.  Apart from this, the other ingredients are ground onions, pepper and garlic and oil. The peanut oil that it is made from is the defining factor and it helps in giving the smokey flavour of the pie.

The dish is extremely simple to make and is very tasty too. One can cook it in their homes if they wish to, by ordering raw meat online with the help of Licious. Once the meat is ordered, it will be delivered right to your doorstep where you can sit and enjoy cooking your favourite meat pie.

Latin America:

The Latin American meat pie is one that we are all familiar with – the Empanadas. They are mostly considered as pastries and different pastry shells are used to cook the dish. The dish consists of minced meat inside baked or fried pies that are covered with red chillies, onions and red pepper are used to make these pies and they are absolutely delicious.

With Licious, one will be able to cook these amazingdishes right at home and thus enjoy a different and wonderful lunch or dinner with friends.

Irish Meat pie:

If you are someone who loves to have a little alcohol to their food, then the Irish meat pie is amazing as it employs a little Guinness beer along in the recipe. The round steak comprises of ground meat, onions and other spices along with a little beer to enhance the taste. The result is an absolutely smashing pie that one can enjoy with friends and family.

One can place their meat order online with the help of Licious and thus enjoy their own recipes for meat pie.

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