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Know what a good wine tastes like

Wine is an alcoholic drink, which is made from the fermentation of grapes. The process of winemaking involves consumption of sugar in the grapes by yeast and then yeast converts the sugar into carbon dioxide, heat and ethanol. Using different varieties of grapes and yeasts different types of wines are prepared. Wine has been produced from thousands of years. In different cultures, it was represented differently, used for intoxicating effects. Every culture had its own explanation about use of wine and it has been related to many religions also.

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There are many wineries where you can go for tasting wine and understanding the tastes, click here to go to a wine tasting place. Before going into knowing what a good wine should taste like, let’s learn about different varieties of wines. There are different techniques of preparing wine using different types of products. Different types of wines are produced using these different types of methods and ingredients:

  • Red wine: Red wine is prepared using dark colored grapes. The process of red wine production involves extraction of flavor and color from grape skin. The wine making process is long and time taking, so according to the time given to the preparation of wine different type of wines are produced. The authentic color of red wine varies from light violet to dark brown depending upon its age. A young wine is violet in color, a mature wine is red in color, and old red wine is brown. The extract of most colored grapes is not actually red and this red color of wine comes from a pigment present in the grape skin.
  • White wine: White wine is prepared using non colored grape pulp. Ideal color of grapes, which produce white wine, is yellow or green. Most common white wine is dry white wine, which is non-sweet. This dry white wine is prepared from fermentation of the wort. Wort is the liquid produced from the mashing process during the brewing of beer and whisky. Sparkling wines, which are generally white wines, are produced by stopping the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation from escaping during fermentation.
  • Rose wine: A rose wine gets its color from grape skin but does not qualify as a red wine due to less color intensity. This is the oldest form of wine known. The pink color of rose wine varies from pale orange to light purple. There are many ways of producing the rose wine but most straightforward is skin contact method.
  • Other types of wines are fruit wine, honey wine (mead), starch-based wine etc.

A good wine is one that appeals to your palate. Wine is not an ordinary drink, it has character, which depends on the method used, grape variety used, time given to fermentation, type of barrel it was kept in, type of yeast used in fermentation etc. Taste a wine with your inner feeling, the feel that it gives you when you take a sip is what decides whether it is a good wine or not.


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