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Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) And Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Shielding

The Source of Radio Frequency Interference

Radio Frequency Interface or RFI can originate from a lot of things, both natural and man-made. Some of the natural causes of RFI is lightnings, sunspots etc., while RFI from generators are termed as man-made. Since, we can’t do much about the natural sources of interference, people who are interested in guarding the interferences, are interested more in the man-made part. Some of the other man-made sources of radio frequency interference is AM/FM radio, TV Transmitters, 2-way radio, paging, mobile telephone, public and emergency communication systems, emitters etc. To be honest, most of the electronic equipment’s we use today, use radio frequency energy, and unintentionally produce radio frequency interference. From power lines that bring electricity in our home, to medical equipment’s used in hospitals, from Bluetooth devices and wireless video cameras, to microwave ovens and ZigBee lights, most of the things we use today emit radio frequency interference for their proper functioning.

Problems caused by Radio Frequency Interference

The impact of radio frequency interference mainly depends on what you are doing. For instance, the nimblest of radio frequency emission around a bomb, may cause detonation that may take thousands of lives. In a more common sense, every system which works on the basis of radio frequency can be completely disrupted using radio frequency interference. Most of the communication systems nowadays, uses radio frequency. The interference can completely disrupt or degrade the quality of signal, the system performance, connectivity between stations and also the carrying capacity of the system. Simply put, radio frequency interference may cause problems that can be very difficult to trace to its source.

Benefits of RF Shielding

If installed properly, considering the requirements at hand, the radio frequency shielding can effectively eliminate the interference for the systems which are within the field of the shield. The purpose of the shield is to create a barrier to the incoming radio waves that would otherwise cause interference for the system. Moreover, sometimes, the incoming radio frequency also poses for threats to the human body, and therefore, it is really very important to apply a shield.

Installation of RF Shield

Every facility has a different procedure of shielding. The shielding should be done in accordance with the procedures of the particular facility. The experts also need to consider the effectiveness of the shielding, the materials being employed and also the conditions in which the system will be operating. To sum it up, the installation of RF shield is a process that should be supervised by an experienced shielding professional.

More About RF Levels

What RF levels actually hamper equipment operations? This is a really hypothetical question, since it varies and depends on many factors. There is no rigid RF level, that will cause interference, and hamper the normal working of the system. It depends on factors like sensitivity, the low of the RFI signal etc.

Typical Manifestations

To avoid the interference problems in radio frequency wireless systems, electromagnetic interference or EMI is used. Though, the EMI doesn’t cause problem in providing great reception, but EMI does cause problem in providing quality service. In the case of EMI, changing system configuration also does not work, and therefore it is really very tough to eliminate service problems when it comes to electromagnetic interferences. A well installed shielding provides a durable and cost effective solution.

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