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Cyware: Stay updated with the latest cyber security news

The cyber threat landscape is changing at a rapid pace and it has become mandatory for individuals and organizations to stay alert at every digital step. It is not an exaggeration to say that one has to take care of every footprint they leave on cyberspace. Gone are the days where we happily secured our account with our beloved names followed by 123. But, today there is a need to have a strong password which protects us from the hackers. Besides, it has become essential to monitor every click of a mouse and follow good cyber hygiene. Major data breaches have never failed to occupy the headlines of the newspaper which shows how a negligent step taken by an employee made companies to lose confidential data and how hackers use social engineering techniques to steal the PII (Personal Identifiable Information).

Being this as the current scenario, it is not just an option but mandatory for every individual to stay updated with the recent cyber security news. Cyware – the unique cyber security mobile app is built with an objective to spread this Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA) far and wide and educate every individual to follow good cyber hygiene. When we know the pros and cons of the cyberspace, we never fall prey for social engineering tactics as well as virus or malware attacks. But the question is how we know about the latest threats or Malware attacks or how to protect the confidential data from hackers. This is where Cyware comes into the picture. Powered by IBM’s Watson technology, Cyware scans hundreds and thousands of articles published on cyber security and separates gold from the black sand and brings down the most valuable information in the form of news cards. This news card is a summarized version of an article where the facts and figures are retained and presented in the form of snippets that can be readily consumable by the readers.

The Cyware mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users. Interesting articles are written in the form of short summary which helps readers to understand the concept easily. Cyware is not just designed for the general internet user, but also made for cyber security professionals, ethical hackers as well as enterprises. It is important to note that cyber awareness is not a one time job, but a continuous ongoing process. It is essential to keep a track of the latest news, data breaches and malware attacks, the expert opinions, learning from the breaches happened around the world, know about the latest threats and threat actors, and the hacker tools.

Besides, users can subscribe to CyBuzz Daily, CyHacker Daily, and CyWeekly to get simple, yet detailed news cards chosen by the Cyware editorial team that keeps them updated. One of the key factors to stay safe from cyber threats is identifying the key threat elements and Cyware exactly does that. This mobile app helps users to identify these threat vectors and also share security tips and advice to secure the device. Download Cyware app today and stay safe and stay updated.

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