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Indian Celebrities who love Motorcycles

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A car may be the most comfortable and convenient vehicle out there. However, a bike is the coolest vehicle out there and it gives the rider an unparalleled sense of freedom. It gives you the option of being able to go through narrow lanes conveniently and swerve through traffic effortlessly, making it highly efficient as well.

However, when it comes to Indian celebrities, they are attracted to these beautiful beasts because of the sense of liberation and freedom they can bring. There’s no greater sense of freedom than to feel the wind blowing through your body as you’re speeding (safely) down the highway.

If you do decide to follow on their footsteps and get a motorcycle for yourself, you should also get a two wheeler insurance because bikes can be quite dangerous, especially on Indian roads, and as such you should be properly insured.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of a few Indian celebrities who love motorcycles.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The beloved cricket star loves motorcycles so much that he owns over 30 of them. The most recent motorbike in his collection is the Kawasaki Ninja H2 which cost a whopping 29 lakh rupees! While this bike would undoubtedly be a fantasy come true for most people, it’s not even the star of MS Dhoni’s collection as that honor goes to the Confederate Hellcat X132 which is powered by a 2163 cc engine which produces a 121 horsepower and commands a peak torque of 189.8 Nm.

Sanjay Dutt

Munnabhai has quite a penchant for luxury and high-end automobiles. His most prized possession is the Harley Davidson Fat Boy, which is a massive cruiser bike powered by 1,690cc of engine and it produces 65 bhp of power with a 132 Nm torque.

Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi might not be much of an active actor anymore, but his love of motorbikes continues to shine bright. His most prized possession is a yellow Ducati 1098 which cost him 45 lakh rupees back in 2010. This bike has a 1000 cc V-Twin engine, produces a horsepower of 162.2 PS, torque of 123 Nm, and can go from 0 to 100 mph in just 3 seconds!

Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan’s most beloved automobile is his Harley Davidson Iron 883 which is powered by an 883 cc engine. He is often spotted in various parts of Mumbai, riding around on that bike which cost him a mere 7,37,000 rupees to purchase. That might not be as expensive and extravagant as the other bikes on the list, but his love for it is no smaller.

John Abraham

One of the most badass celebrities in India, John Abraham is a huge motorbike enthusiast and his favorite is the Yamaha V-Max which cost approximately 30 lakh rupees.

These are only some of the biggest Indian celebrities with a deep love of motorcycles. However, as mentioned earlier, bikes can get dangerous on Indian roads so don’t forget to cover them with a two wheeler insurance!

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