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Incorrect Diagnosis? Can Health Insurance Help?

Today, the advancement in science and technology goes a long way in helping us stay fit and healthy. And the medical facilities provide us with solutions for any health woes that may arise. However, many times it happens that we are presented with an incorrect diagnosis. And such a situation can lead to various constraints. An incorrect diagnosis can take a complete financial and emotional toll on the patient and his family.

Here are a few tips and how a health insurance policy may help during such a time of distress.

Getting a second opinion

If you have doubts related to the diagnosis you have been provided with, it is best to seek a second opinion to put your mind at ease. Even if the reports are the same as your previous reports, you will, at least, not have any doubts in your mind. A number of health insurance companies today cover the costs for a second opinion. In fact, sometimes even third opinions are covered for. However, this depends from one health insurance company to the other. In fact, many health insurance providers insist on a second opinion before undergoing a major surgery.In such situations, a medical insurance policy is a great tool that helps cover the expensive costs.

Repeat tests

It is best to check whether your mediclaim policy allows for repeat tests and evaluations in case of a medical misdiagnosis. A number of health insurance providers have certain clauses with regards to repeat health tests. Whether these tests are covered as part of your mediclaim policy is the discretion of your medical insurance provider.

Re-reviewing tests

There could be times when errors occur while a health test result is being read. Therefore, apart from getting a second opinion and repeat tests, it is advisable to re-review your already conducted health tests. From biopsies to simple health check-ups, getting a medical test re-reviewed especially if the results seem amiss is what you should do. Depending from one insurance provider to another, your mediclaim policy also covers the costs of re-reviewing medical tests. However, before you go for a re-review of your medical tests, it is best to check if labs that conduct re-reviews fall under the network of your health insurance plan.


An incorrect diagnosis may cause a lot of difficulties, and therefore, second opinions, re-tests, and re-reviewing tests would be beneficial options. However, these procedures are also expensive.Therefore, availing of health insurance can help prevent such huge expenses. Checking if your medical insurance plan covers these costs is important as these tests are subject to the termsof your medical insurance plan.


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