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In-Office Laser Treatment – The Future of Treatment for BPH

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BPH or Benign Hyperplasia is a condition that affects 50% of men at the age of 50. At the age of 80, a man is expected to develop BPH. BPH is commonly referred to as the enlargement of the prostate glands in men. The most common symptom of this condition is the inability or having a painful urination.

The most common treatment for BPH is by taking oral medication. Oral medications don’t cure BPH though but it can make the symptoms easier to deal with such as making it easier for the patient to urinate. If oral treatment is no longer helping, surgery is recommended.

Non-Invasive Surgery

With the continuous development in technology, BPH can now be cured by doing a non-invasive surgery. With the use of emerging urology lasers technology, you no longer have to stay at a hospital to get your BPH treated. Why should you agree with a BPH laser treatment?

It Is Practical

With laser treatment, the procedure can be done at your doctor’s office and you no longer have to get admitted at a hospital. When having a BPH laser treatment, your doctor will only use a local anesthetic, proceed with the procedure then you can go home to rest at the end of the day.

It is Easier to Do and Easier to Heal

Laser treatment means there will be no incision and cuts that need healing. Once the procedure is done, you only have to rest for a few days hence the shorter treatment and recovery time as compared to traditional surgery for BPH.

It is Cheaper

The cost of a laser used for BPH treatment is expensive but with a shorter procedure and more patients to handle in a day, doctors who are offering this treatment doesn’t charge as high as a regular emergency hospital surgery for BPH. In fact, with laser surgery, you can save more as you no longer have to stay at a hospital and spend more dollars on patient care.

To find more information about urology lasers and how it can make your BPH treatment faster and more efficient, you should start asking your doctor today or use the internet to learn more about it.

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