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How to Maintain and Replace Blown Pistons

If you want the pistons to last you longer, they will have to be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. With a gradual passage of time, there is a possibility of carbon deposits building up on the pistons which has the potential of eventually causing a lot of damage to the engine if not repaired and services well in time. There are a number of fuel additives that have the property of acting as a cleanser for carbon deposits on these pistons. However, the process of cleaning the pistons off the carbon deposits needs to be handled carefully to avoid any damage to the piston rings or to the piston itself. A process one needs to be extra careful about is when they are removing the piston from a cylinder before beginning to clean it.

With a plethora of options available as piston cleaning solvents, it may be a tough decision to make. However, petroleum based solvents often end up giving the most optimum results. In is a good idea to put a cleaning agent of the likes of Marvel Mystery Oil in your fuel tank to dissolve any carbon deposits while it will also work to ensure that it prevents any further build-up of carbon.

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In case the amount of carbon deposits on the pistons are huge, it will require a very high quality-cleaning agent. Some such cleaning agents are BG 44k, Sea Foam or GM top cleaner. All that needs to be done is to put the cleaner in a bucket, add some water to it and then soak the piston in it for a minimum of 5 hours. You may also require to use a wire brush to carry out a more thorough clean up and treatment of the piston, especially if the build up has been there for a while and is stubborn. It is essential that you remember to check if you have covered the bores of either side of the piston to avoid getting them damaged. You must also look for any signs of dirt and nicks on the piston ring grooves that can be cleaned by using a broken ring with kerosene or diesel oil.

In case, it strikes to you that the pistons are worn out and weathered to a condition that is beyond repair, it is possible that a cleaning agent would not be enough to get them functional. In such cases, it is best to replace the worn out piston than take risk by reinstalling a damaged piston. With a number of high-quality pistons available in the market, it may at first look an easy decision to make, but it is essential that you check that which piston suits your engines best. Hence, it may require you to do some research at your end to look for affordable pistons (usually upwards of $200) that provide appreciable performances and are usable in low or high compression ratios.

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