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How to Find a Good Indian Restaurant

When it comes to taste and variety of food, Indian food is one of the best choice. The food in India is cooked in a specific way based on the culture’s ingredients, region, and traditions. Indian Cuisine includes a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines native to India. These cuisines significantly vary from each other and are heavily influenced by religious, culture and traditions. Nowadays, most famous Indian restaurants are either family-owned or many generations-old setup. If you have never tried Indian food, then it is advisable that you research before making your first visit to an Indian restaurant.

Given below are few points which might help you in finding a good Indian Restaurant:

Research what you wish to eat:

Indian food is a perfect blend of varied spices, sauces, and marinated meat and vegetables. The history behind every ingredients will draw you down to different countries, such as China, Persia, Portugal and England. Many Indians prefer vegetables over meat or chicken. That is somewhat because they believe in teachings of Buddhism.

– Appetizers –

Appetizers are normally deep-fried pastries with cream soups and raw vegetable salads. They are often served with sauces, such as a chutney or yogurt, to give an amazing flavour. The most common appetizer which is loved by almost every Indian is the samosa. It is a fried pastry with mixed vegetables or meat perfectly blended with spices inside a dough. ‘Pakoras’ is another deep fried appetiser which is relished by Indians.The basic difference is that people don’t fry pakoras with a layer of dough around it.

– Drinks –

A drink to complement you’re your spicy food is all that you need for a perfect meal. Indian drinks like a sweet ‘lassi’ which is actually a yogurt shake. If you prefer alcoholic drinks, then you could also get your hands on India Pale Ales, commonly known as IPA.

– Main Course Dishes –

 There do exist restaurants that serve an all-vegetarian meal for people who don’t eat non-vegetarian. The chefs are smart enough to substitute few vegetables in place of meat in order to suit their client’s taste buds.

– Desserts –

Deserts complete a meal to perfection. Indians have a soft corner for sugar and milk-based desserts with fresh fruits. Many restaurants add the sweet element to their puddings and ice creams using fresh fruits, such as pomegranates, mangos, or bananas. ‘Kheer’ is one Indian pudding which is relished by majority of Indians.

-Gravy and Spicy Food Choices-

If you trying Indian cuisine for the first time then it is advisable that you do not try the extreme spicy dishes. There is a probability that you might not be able to handle that level of spiciness and end up wasting your money. Start with comparatively milder dishes.

People around the world are beginning to know the rich and varied range of flavours that the Indian cuisine provide. If you are planning to eat something which comes in the category of ‘finger-licking’ good then visit an Indian restaurant without any speck of doubt. Contact Datan Door on 250-869-4809 or check out their websiteàhttp://datandoor.net/. You can also visit them at 1687 Pandosy St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1R1, Canada

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