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How to Earn Extra Money From Your College Blog


Are you currently running a college blog? While you may think that your blog is solely a way to update your readers on upcoming college events and stay in touch with your fellow students, there are many ways to make some extra money from it. Here are six different ways you can earn some extra money while also helping out your fellow students.

1. Teach Students to Save Money with Used and Rental Textbook Sites

A simple way to monetize your college blog is to promote used and rent textbook sites. As you know, many college students have a hard time paying for expensive college textbooks. Fortunately, there are many websites that sell used textbooks for lower prices and also rent out textbooks for students with even smaller budgets. This is the perfect way to help your fellow students while earning a commission from these sites.

While these textbook offers can be promoted throughout the year, the best time to promote these offers is during the beginning and end of the semester. Everyone is in a rush to get their textbooks in the beginning of the semesters. Some websites will also pay you a small fee for referring sellers. Don’t forget the fact that many students will want to sell off their textbooks after they’re done with the semester.

2. Help Struggling Students with Chegg Study

Another great service to promote is Chegg Study. Chegg Study is an education platform that helps students with their college courses. Chegg Study provides solutions, explanations and Q&As for a wide range of textbooks and courses. Students that are having a hard time with their math and science courses will benefit the most from Chegg Study.

Chegg Study also offers an online tutoring service. It uses a whiteboard and allows students to talk to tutors over the phone during their sessions. Students can choose from a large number of tutors. There is also a review system in place and a chat system so that students can find the tutor they need before they pay for a tutoring session.

3. Join Affiliate Programs to Promote Back to School Products

There’s no better time than the beginning of the semester to join affiliate programs and promote back to school products. The list of products you can promote include backpacks, notebooks, laptops, dorm room furniture, and more. You can simply sign up with websites like Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, and Bed Bath & Beyond to find relevant products to promote on your college blog.

Instead of promoting random offers on your blog, it makes more sense to build content around categories. For example, you might create a post around the top five low budget laptops or the four types of bags you’ll need for college. This will keep your promotions focused while providing value to your readers.

4. Promote Various Website Services

Many students will want to set up their own website. You can help guide their choices by providing resources for domain registrars, web hosting services, and website builders. And if you want to make extra money, you can get a reseller hosting account. A reseller hosting account will allow you to make more money out of the sales you generate and also brand the hosting company under your blog’s name and design.

5. Partner with Local Tutors

Another great way to help students that are struggling with their courses is to connect with local tutors and offer to market their services on your blog. You’ll find many advertisements for tutoring services across campus. Many can be found in the campus cafeteria, library, and computer rooms. If you can’t find enough tutors, you can go to the different departments or administrative office for more information.

What you want to do is either charge tutors for a lead referral or work out an agreement where you get a percentage of their earnings from your referrals. The easiest way to get a partnership going is to charge for each lead. You can set up special tracking phone numbers that redirect to their number and charge the tutors for each phone call lead. Since tutors will quickly book their schedules, it’s best to work with a good number of them.

6. Inform Your Fellow Students about Special Local Business Offers

There are always going to be local businesses near campus that are targeting students. This can be anything from restaurants, bars, clubs, movie theaters, to bowling alleys. It may be a good idea to reach out to these local businesses and see if they’d be interesting in buying a monthly sponsorship spot on your blog. This is a great way to generate recurring revenue while informing your fellow students about exclusive offers.

You can convince local businesses to offer exclusive discounts for students of your college. For example, a local bowling alley may offer a $2 discount per game for students of your college. You may be able to get a local restaurant to offer a free appetizer if two or more students come in to dine with them. The great thing about working with local businesses is that there are so many types of businesses you can work with.

Those are six solid ideas you can use to make extra money from your college blog. The great thing about these ideas is that you are actually providing students with resources that will help them. Depending on how heavily you promote your blog, you’ll be able to make enough money to pay off your monthly expenses and even part of your tuition.


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