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How To Create Custom Stickers Online

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There is a process that comes with ordering stickers for personal or business use. It may seem like a lot of work, but it is actually an easy process. All you need to do is find a custom sticker manufacturer that allows you to design the sticker online. Once you find the right manufacturer, the process may include the following steps.

Choose Your Sticker

The first step is to choose the type of sticker you want to create. You can upload your own design if you are choosing a cut out or double cut sticker. If you would rather skip the design, you want to choose a text only sticker.

Upload Your Design

You can upload your own design by clicking the appropriate button and browsing your computer for the file. Remember, you will not have the option to upload a design if you choose a text only sticker.

Fill In Your Sizes

The website should include boxes for filling in the height and width of your sticker. You have the option of filling in custom measurements or using the default measurements.

Double-Check Your Cut Options

If the sticker manufacturer offers cut options, they should be set to match your sticker type. You just want to double-check your selection to make sure it is correct.

Select Your Sticker Style

The website may allow you to select additional styles for your sticker. The first option is a white border or bleeding the color to the edge. The second option is the shape of your sticker, which may already be set based on your sticker type.

Send For Proof

A good sticker manufacturer gives you the option to send for proof by email or first class mail. It may cost an additional fee, but it gives you the chance to preview your sticker before placing an order.

Place Your Order

If you are satisfied with the finished product, place your order and wait for your sticker sheets to be delivered.

Whether you are promoting a fundraiser or business, you want to create a sticker that is just right for your event.

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