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How to Choose Internet Plans & Why Speeds are Obsolete

As is common, the general thinking is that speed is all that matters while purchasing internet plans. However, this is not entirely true. Another extremely vital aspect to consider is the amount of data that you get with the plan. Sure, more often than not, the kind of plans offered by the ISPs are the high speed ones. But what’s missed out is that the amount of data (more precisely, GBs) that comes along with it. The rate that a customer pays for the data is equally important as the speeds offered by the ISP.

This is why it is vital that the correct plan is chosen, where every aspect of internet usage is considered (how much speed is really required and how much data is typically consumed in a month). And looking at the data being provided and the cost per GB that is included with the plan is something that needs to be prioritized. This is precisely why internet speeds alone are not the basis on which a particular internet plan should be rated.

How does one decide what plans to use then? There are cost-saving internet plan options such as best effort plans and dedicated internet plans, which should be looked at. Other measures include estimating the activities that’d require use of internet along with how many hours per day will internet be used.

Best Effort Speed Plans

These plans are referred to as best effort plans as all the users in the network are given the best possible bit rates and data delivery time, depending on the traffic on the network at a particular time. If only a few people are using the network at the same time, the network will function faster and vice versa. For most consumers, best effort plans work just fine, as they fulfill all of the basic expectations from the internet such as streaming videos, playing online games, sending email etc.

Dedicated Speed Plans

Best effort plans may not be appropriate for you especially if you are using the internet to conduct business. This is because the speed of best effort plans keeps fluctuating according to the number of users on the network. Hence if you need a high-speed connectivity at all times, dedicated internet plans are the best for you. Although a dedicated internet plan may be priced on the higher side, that doesn’t mean it might not be cost effective for you. If your internet usage is very heavy, getting a dedicated internet plan will be worth every penny.

Estimate Your Activity

All of the ISPs measure your internet activity in terms of megabits per second, or Mbps. The difference in Mbps determines the quality of your internet connection. You can range your usage as per the following internet speeds-

5 Mbps or less: Web Surfing, Email, Online Streaming

10 Mbps: Regular HD streaming, online gaming and downloading heavy files.

This begs the question of whether speeds higher than 10 Mbps is needed or not. Since most of the activities require less than 10 Mbps internet connection, why opt for higher speed plans that do not offer sufficient amount of data and charge a lot more for every GB consumed?

By implementing the measures mentioned above, one can not only enjoy high-speed internet but also save up on costs. Therefore, one should estimate their internet usage and choose an internet speed and plan accordingly. Even researching and reading different internet broadband reviews would help. Opting for the plan that offers a good amount of data and has a feasible cost per GB is what’s sensible.

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