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How Holistic Dentistry Can Impact Your Overall Health

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What Is Holistic Dentistry?

The idea of holistic health is rooted in the idea that your lifestyle often depicts your health. So, if you choose to lead a lifestyle where your diet consists of fast food and cigarettes, your health is likely going to be on the poor side. Holistic health also promotes avenues and choices from natural sources to promote your own body’s healing without relying heavily on lab-crafted medications. While medications aren’t necessarily frowned upon, holistic professionals usually try to find other places in your lifestyles where you can choose more natural selections that may benefit you more than the prescription medication does.

In terms of holistic dentistry, the concept revolves around lifestyle and how it can affect your oral health as well as your overall health. A holistic dentist Chicago, Dr. Dani, is especially interested in finding out about your lifestyle and nutrition in order to help you make healthier choices that can impact your teeth, gums, and the health of your body. This is largely in part because she believes that, like most holistic professionals, everything is connected in the body. If you treat your body well by eating foods and making lifestyle choices that benefit your body, then your health will reflect that.

Dr. Dani’s Services

Since you typically tend to see a dentist far more than you see your doctor–unless something is wrong–Dr. Dani has taken it upon herself to play the part of both dentist and doctor. She offers nutrition counseling which can help patients figure out an actionable plan to help them lose weight or to aid in dealing with a certain medical disease or condition. By making sure that your nutrition is sound and you’re receiving the vitamins, minerals, and other healthy ingredients that you need, you can improve your whole body’s health. This is a primary goal of Dr. Dani’s. Not only is she passionate about your teeth and their health, but she also desires whole-body health improvement.

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