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Friendship and Chocolate

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” That’s a quote from the author Linda Grayson. We love our friends, and we all want to be that friend with chocolate–not because we want to be liked the most (hopefully), but simply because we love that other person so much. Chocolate is, of course, a no-flaws way to show affection, but there are lots of other types of “chocolate” out there. Depending on your friend’s tastes, personality, and needs, you can find the right kind of “chocolate” for your bff.

A great night out

A night out on the town is the classic way to celebrate your friends’ birthdays and successes, or even provide a distraction if they’re going through some challenges. Take your pal(s) out to his or her favorite bar, or go all-out with a full-service place, something akin to this Oregon casino, which offers restaurants and bars, extra events, and fun and risky table games. You could also throw a house party on behalf of your friend, inviting his or her favorite people to congregate all in one comfortable spot. And if your friend ends up needing to crash on your couch, it will be easy to get there.

A great night in

On the other hand, your friend may just love (or need) a calm night in. Remember, even your more introverted/less wild buddies still need company and affection. After making sure it’s alright with him or her (sometimes the people who prefer nights in are also the ones who like to have things planned out), schedule a movie night, or an evening cooking together, or even playing video games together. Carefully sense when your friend is getting sleepy or ready for some time alone, so you don’t overstay your welcome–but remember that it has probably meant a lot to the person that you all have spent quality time together.

Celebrating life events

With your best friends in particular, try to celebrate all their important life events! These include birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc. With life events, it’s usually a good idea to give an item or service that will help the friend on the next stage of his or her life. If someone is expecting a baby, for instance, you might organize a baby shower and help set up a registry, which you can do with local stores or online with a service like Buy Buy Baby Registry. The above (and following) suggestions are some other ways to celebrate these events.

Simple love

Sometimes, the only “chocolate” a person needs a simple gesture. Especially if you have a bud who’s exceptionally stressed or going through some tough challenges, you can show you care by helping alleviate some of the extraneous stressors. The “gift of time” is an excellent way to take care of someone. For instance, you could run errands for your friend (and even refuse to let him or her reimburse you), clean the house, or do yard work. Sending flowers and an “I love you” or “I’m thinking about you” note may be all some friends need–a reminder that they are not forgotten. And, of course, you could always simply stop by and leave a bar of chocolate.

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