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Four Reasons Why Candy Bouquets Are Better Than Flowers

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There are not many days left until Valentine’s, that time when lovers and friends exchange gifts to show how much they care. If you are looking for a unique gift, consider sending out chocolate candy bouquets. Here are four reasons why a candy bouquet trumps flowers this year.

Candy Can Last Longer

Make sure to put an emphasis on “can.” If your recipient likes their pleasure to linger, they can eat a single piece of chocolate each day for weeks. You will not find flowers that last that long. Reducing consumption just makes the bouquet last longer.

Candy Requires No Maintenance

Receiving a bouquet of flowers often means your special someone need to find a vase and supply water for their gift. Why give a gift that requires effort on the part of the recipient? There is no trimming, watering or collecting fallen petals when you give a bouquet of chocolate candies.

No Airborne Allergens

Sending someone flowers to their office can be a problem if one or more coworkers have a pollen allergy. Your recipient might need to keep their flowers hidden or take them home right away rather than proudly displaying them. On the note of allergies, check that your recipient is not allergic to nuts if you choose a candy bouquet with nut-filled chocolates.

Candy Is Easier to Share

Speaking of office deliveries, chocolate candy bouquets open the possibility for sharing with coworkers. This is a great way for your loved one to develop stronger bonds at work which can lead to feeling more fulfilled in the office.

Step outside the ordinary and ditch the flowers this year by sending chocolate candy bouquets. Candies do not die or require maintenance. A candy bouquet also opens the door for creating bonds at work and reducing instances of airborne allergies.

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