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Fast payments for FastTrack life

Smartphones have given our lives a sense of convenience and operating online wallets through these devices have made online transactions a breeze. Using mobile phones for cashless payments is not only easily accessible but highly convenient. This process works on generating an OTP or a One Time Password which verifies your transactions. Whether you have a big transaction or a small one, you can bank on this mode of payment.


Various companies have squeezed themselves into forming an online portal for processing payments. This way, people can safely add more money to a number of accounts. Obviously, you need to have a strong internet connection to carry out such transactions.

Need to make a call but running low on balance? Fear not, you can log on to your online wallet, punch in your details on the Idea prepaid recharge tab and voila! You are no longer handicapped by a currency-less phone.

What’s amazing is that you don’t really have to hunt down the internet to launch the website, recharge options, customized offers, or even browsing through new data and talk time plans can be accessed through theonline recharge tab.

Travelling out of town but forgot paying your electricity bill? Breathe…because Reliance Energy has made it that much easier to pay-up at the click of a button on-the-go.

Online payment has revolutionised the way we live our normal everyday lives. Online wallets have not only made it extremely convenient to pay our bills but also saved us from writing cheques and decreasing a huge amount of paperwork, in turn saving a lot of trees and paving the way for an environmentally conscious public. We might shift to revolutionizing ourselves into moving towards a cashless society. This not only helps the environment but ensure that transactions are above board and accounted for.

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