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Effects on female users


Anabolic supplement use on females can sometimes turn out to be fatal and negatively affect their femininity if not dosed and scheduled properly. This makes it necessary to examine the physical characteristics, age, medical conditions of the user alongside the purpose of use only after which the dosage level should be determined. Anavar, commonly referred to as the girl steroid for its well-tolerated effects on women is equally effective for both the sexes.

Although there is a lot of controversy regarding the safety of Anavar on females due to some marked instances of negative impacts on the body most female users tends to respond positively to such use. Women being more sensitive to the use of such substance require starting from the basic intake level and gradually titrating higher up for better results. However, the cycle length should not be exceeded beyond the recommended length of six weeks to avoid possible effects of virilization. Therefore, only a medical practitioner specializing in the use of performance enhancers will be able to provide necessary assistance in such matter.

Lose weight effectively with Anavar

The search for a potent component that can aid in the fat loss process has been on the cards for much longer. In such areas, Anavar has turned out to be a reliable anabolic component that has the capability to help those who feel disappointed and frustrated trying to lose weight. The effect of this substance is more prominent among athletes who are struggling to shed that extra bit of fat prior to any competition. But this is effective only for those who follow a proper dosage schedule along with a prominent diet and exercise routine. Athletes and professionals possessing a low Body-Mass Index (BMI) and looking to improve their overall performance levels should benefit the most from the use of Anavar.

Knowing the legal status

Before scouring the market for genuine Anavar products for sale, it necessary to ensure that the product is marketed legally without any restrictions on consumption, possession, sale or purchase of such substance to avoid any probable legal complication. Even if there is a restriction, the prevailing law of the State where it is procured should be known with minute details. In many parts of the globe, like the US, UK, and Canada the laws relating to performance enhancing drugs are quite stringent and calls for severe penal provisions upon violation and this puts forward a big question regarding the safety of Anavar in such regions.

But it is not necessary that all performance enhancers will have the same provisions and restrictions. Anavar being categorized as a Schedule III controlled substance in the US renders it illegal to possess without a valid medical prescription. Other countries, including parts of Europe and Asia, makes it available over the counter without the need for a doctor’s prescription. This means that such a component can be procured for personal consumption without any legal permission. But exporting such substance to states where there is a legal restriction can prove to be consequential as far as steroid laws are concerned.

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