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Different Types of Medical Imaging Exams

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When your physician suspects an injury or illness, they may request an advanced medical imaging in Metuchen. Exams such as an X-ray or ultrasound are used to identify a medical condition. It is normal to feel scared or anxious over the exam, but learning about each exam gives you an idea of what to expect at your appointment. The following list contains several types of medical imaging exams.

64-Slice CT Scan

A 64-Slice CT Scan uses cross-sectional images to investigate the blood vessels and body tissues. The procedure is painless and only lasts for up to 30 minutes. It uses a very low dose of radiation to capture the images, but it still gives your physician a clear view of your body.

Digital X-Ray

Your physician uses a digital X-ray to investigate a condition such as abdominal pain and bone fractures. It is a painless procedure that uses a low dose of radiation. The high-quality images can be manipulated to provide an accurate reading.

High-Field 1.2T Open MRI

The High-Field 1.2T Open MRI allows you to lie comfortably between the top and bottom of the machine. It features an open design that brings you a peace of mind during your exam. The MRI captures high-quality images of the brain, spine and organs.


Your physician may request an ultrasound to investigate a specific organ, such as your heart, liver or bladder. This painless, low radiation procedure uses sound waves to capture images of the target area. The images are displayed on the monitor for your radiologist and physician to examine.

Wide Bore 3T MRI

The Wide Bore 3T MRI is designed to accommodate different body types and reduce claustrophobia. It uses different applications to take high-quality images of the target area, which allows your physician to make an accurate diagnoses.

You do not have to worry about pain or radiation with a medical imaging procedure, and most machines are designed to accommodate various body types to ensure maximum comfort.

It is important to schedule your exam so you can look at your treatment options and start your road to recovery.

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