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Defence of a Criminal Arson Case

Black’s Law Dictionary defines arson as “the intentional and wrongful burning of someone else’s property, or one’s own property – as to fraudulently collect insurance.” Thus, arson can refer to intentionally damaging another person’s property with fire, and normally involves burning a vehicle or a building. The degree of arson thus depends on the situations – with the burning of a building or a car with a person inside being charged as an A-1 felony. The charge of arson, thus, is a serious one and must not be taken lightly. If cases of arson with one’s own property are involved, insurance companies will team with the local fire department and with lawyers to present a persuasive case for conviction – and insurance companies may wish to charge you with arson simply to avoid paying you the required amount. In this situation, it is important for the defence team to prove that the fire was accidental, or not caused by the client. This way, arson defence lawyers can help clients get out of situations where they are falsely imprisoned, and can help them claim the money from insurance companies quickly and efficiently, with no bumps on the road.

The punishment for arson also depends on the degree. Fifth degree arson can carry a maximum term of 1 year, whereas first degree arson can result in a lifetime in prison. Thus, it is important to ensure that the defence prepares an aggressive strategy for arson convictions, and can combat the degree of the charge as well. For example, if someone accidentally starts a fire, the charges can be lowered. However, because of insufficient evidence, the person may be charged with intentionally starting the fire, and will get a harsher charge because of this. Thus, it is up to the defence to ensure that all evidence submitted has been tried and tested, and is not circumstantial in nature. If there is any evidence that seems shaky or flawed, it is up to the defence to point it out to the judge and jury, so they make the right decision. Along with this, it is important that the defence is aware of the situation as well, so a good defence team will use all means necessary to understand the source of all the evidence. Charges of arson can often be based on incorrect eyewitness accounts; so defence teams should re-examine the evidence and thoroughly question the witnesses, to ensure that the truth comes out and that their clients are protected from being falsely charged for a crime they did not commit.

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