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What Are The Benefits And Uses Of Ashwagandha Capsules?

Ashwagandha is a native Indian herb, which is well-known in the western world as the Winter Cherry. This medium-sized herb grows as much as 1.5 meters with little green flowers growing in groups of about twenty five in number. This particular herb can be found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sri …

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20-foot tapeworm found inside man’s intestines

Squeamish readers be warned: The South China Morning Post reports a Chinese man was recently found to have a 20-foot tapeworm living inside his intestines. According to Live Science, the 38-year-old man went to the doctor last spring after losing up to 22 pounds over the course of three days. …

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Upending daily rhythm triggers fat cell growth

New research may help explain why chronic stress, sleep deprivation and other disruptions in the body’s daily rhythms are linked to obesity. Chronic exposure to stress hormones stimulates growth of fat cells, Mary Teruel of Stanford University reported December 16 at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell …

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7 Tips To Reduce Heart Failure Risk

Seven measures that people can use to rate their heart health and take steps to improve it are managing blood pressure, controlling cholesterol, reducing blood sugar, getting physically active, eating better, losing weight and stopping smoking suggests new research. “Even though there is awareness about the importance of a healthy …

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Psychiatric Symptoms Could Be Sign Of Brain Tumour

LONDON:  Psychiatric symptoms such as depression, mania, hallucinations, anxiety disorders and anorexia nervosa, even without any neurological signs, may be signs of a brain tumour, according to doctors who treated a woman thought to have treatment-resistant depression. The 54-year-old woman had been depressed for six months, but treatment with the antidepressant …

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