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How User Engagement Affects SEO

Are you putting a lot of time and energy into SEO but not getting the results you deserve? The truth is, there are lots of ranking factors that Google considers. Well-optimised content is vital but not the only factor that counts. You may be overlooking metrics that, if improved, could …

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White Hat SEO: Things to know

White hat SEO is the body of approved search engine optimization tactics designed to increase a website’s position on a search engine results page (SERP). Search engine results that appear as a result of approved methods, rather than payment or trickery, are referred to as organic search results. Because paid ads …

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What is Negative SEO? How to remain safe?

Negative SEO on a website can take many forms and cause varying degrees of damage, when applied to a competitors website. Negative SEO methods are used to convince search engines that they should punish a site for using Black Hat SEO techniques when they have not. Perpetrators found to be …

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Article submission: Most effective link building technique

Among all the SEO techniques, article submission can be one of the most successful. Article submission generally refers to the writing of articles that are relevant to your online business and then getting them added to the popular article submission directories. The main purpose behind article submission is to attract …

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How to audit your website? Top 5 tools

1) Google Webmaster Tools Cost: Free Perhaps the best way to understand the way Google sees your site is to ask Google. Google’s Webmaster Tools are novice-friendly resources that explain the fundamentals of Google search. For example, Google’s Fetch as Google tool allows you to see a particular URL as …

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Top paid SEO of 2015

Although they require an investment, it can very well be worth it, as these 10 tools can help you improve your search marketing efforts. With Google updating its algorithm more than 500 times yearly and releasing 10 major updates in 2014 alone, getting in the top SERPs has become all …

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