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Chinese hackers breach Tesla Model S software

Tesla offered hackers attending the SyScan conference in Beijing $10,000 earlier this month if they could hack and control its electric Model S sedan. A team of white hats — a term that refers to hackers exploring systems for educational or preventive purposes — from Zhejiang University was awarded 10,600 yuan, or about …

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Android Auto invades your dashboard with apps

Google’s Android software will follow Apple’s CarPlay system into a dashboard near you later this year. Like the Apple system, Android Auto will port most of the Android phone apps to the center screen of your car for use while driving. Google says Android Auto will work with your cars existing buttons and knobs …

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New Mazda rotary rumored

We haven’t talked about Mazda RX rumors in a while, and we were getting a little nervous about the lack of speculation. Well that ended on Thursday with talk of a new, twin-turbocharged rotary engine from the company, making somewhere in the neighborhood of 449 hp. According to reports at Motoring.com, Mazda was …

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Google self-driving car is really just a transportation pod

Google will launch its own fleet of autonomous vehicle prototypes – with no steering wheels and no gas or brake pedals – as the technology giant begins a new phase of its self-driving car project. Google designed the car and plans to have about 100 test vehicles that are fully …

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Mercedes-Benz S550 Plug-In Hybrid detailed

Mercedes-Benz has revealed that its new super-economical S550 Plug-In Hybrid sedan will go on sale in North America in spring 2015 at a price that officials from the German carmaker suggest will be close to $100,000, positioning it slightly above the existing $94,400 S550 sedan. Set to make its public debut at the Paris …

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