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New Mazda rotary rumored

New Mazda rotary rumored (again)

We haven’t talked about Mazda RX rumors in a while, and we were getting a little nervous about the lack of speculation. Well that ended on Thursday with talk of a new, twin-turbocharged rotary engine from the company, making somewhere in the neighborhood of 449 hp.

According to reports at Motoring.com, Mazda was developing a 301-hp, naturally aspirated engine, but a new source told Motoring that the company is now building a twin-turbo unit.

Sources initially told Motoring that Mazda was going to house the engine in an upgraded version of the next MX-5 platform, but since the power increase, the company may look at reworking the RX-8 platform.

The obvious guess for a name for the new car is RX-9, but the company has reportedly registered both the RX-9 and RX-7 names with Japan’s trademark office.

Another plan for the new car centered on a new SkyActiv engine, eschewing the rotary because of its oil consumption, low midrange torque and low fuel mileage, but the marketers objected saying that such a car wouldn’t excite the marketplace. We have to agree.

Motoring notes that the 50th anniversary of the rotary-powered Cosmo is coming up in 2017, which would make it a perfect time to introduce a new car.

Read more: http://autoweek.com/article/car-news/new-mazda-rotary-rumored-again#ixzz4kBne6k00

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