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Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis  

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What is an Arc Flash?

An Arc Flash occurs when an electrical current journeys from one circuit to another through the air. It is a violent burst of light and heat in the direct vicinity of the flash. It happens when the electrical resistance becomes slowly diminished. Eventually, it will no longer be resistant, and the flash will occur.

Dangers of an Arc Flash

An Arc Flash has varying negative implications when it comes to safety. It is principally dangerous to any person in the direct vicinity of the electrical explosion when it materializes. This is why everything should be done to avoid it. Individuals have experienced critical injuries and even death as a result of an arc flash.


The damages don’t just appear in the direct area around the Arc Flash. A flash can also do disastrous damage to the facility where it happens. The explosion is very loud, the volume can reach 150 decibels. Anyone in the area of a potential Arc Flash should wear hearing protection. The flash can also cause molten metal to spray across the room. This is why protective eyewear should be worn at all times. As you can see, any worker in danger of being exposed to an Arc Flash should show extreme caution.

Arc Flash Analysis

The best way to deal with an Arc Flash is to prevent it from ever happening in the fist place. This is why Flash Hazard Analysis exists. The analysis is required by OSHA regulations. The benefits of this analysis aren’t just improved safety. Companies that comply with OSHA regulations also show increased revenue and profits. This is because they are not spending money to remedy problems caused by an Arc Flash.

Companies that are in compliance with OSHA Arc Flash regulations should also train their employees on how to spot an oncoming flash. Remember, when it comes to safety, prevention is most important. Electrical issues are very dangerous. Companies should do everything they can to ensure a properly working electrical system.

If you are not sure if your place of business is in compliance, you should contact a professional analyst today. Companies like Predictive Service have a team of professionals who analyze an electrical system. They ensure it is working correctly. The cost is far outweighed by the benefits. These companies are also vital because of the peace of mind they bring you and your employees.

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