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Advice is All Around Us

There is seemingly nothing easier to find in the world today than advice. The quality, quantity, and price of this advice varies by field, but it is all readily available. Overall, this is a great thing. It isn’t always great, but the positives certainly outweigh the negatives.

In terms of free advice, the options are numerous and borderline endless. If you need an uninformed opinion on something, simply propose the question to the masses on your favorite social media platform. Friends, relatives, and strangers will supply a steady stream of free advice on whatever the problem may be. Even if they have no basis for their opinions and no information on the topic at hand, people on the internet love offering their opinion. Call this the downside of this age.

However, that portion of the web advice column is easily avoidable. If you don’t want to deal with social media backlash and unpleasant comments, don’t use the products or don’t engage the audience. It is a small price to pay for what the internet has to offer in terms of helping solve problems. The rest is pure gold.

Advice can come from something as simple as online encyclopedias. It be can be found (as long as you’re careful) for health tips and financial budgets. If you’re wondering if you’re going to do more damage to your nagging back pain by exercising, just ask a professional! While basic social media is a dangerous proposition, there are forum sites that bring together people with similar problems to find answers. These threads bring experts or people with past experiences to help out and offer their advice on the situation in anything from major renovation to questions surrounding home DIY repairs. Rather than aimless and baseless commentary, specified discussion threads can offer real insight into whatever a problem may be.

The next step up from that is advice from actual professionals in a field. This can be legal advice, which certainly comes with a fee, medical diagnoses, and things of that ilk. In past generations, such quick response time on questions was impossible. People would have to search out and visit whatever expert lived in their general vicinity. Thanks to the internet, advice from even the best of the best is just a few clicks away. Quotes can be given with just the most basic of details supplied. It is one of the wondrous advancements in the world of advice and expertise.

The final step up in this discussion takes the internet and information availability to the next level. From public opinion, to crowdsourced discussions, to expert advice, the final location is a website that culls all these others spots and offers you the results.

There are conglomeration sites that do all the heavy lifting for you by polling or sifting through what is available and leaving readers with the answers. We can find out what our favorite journalism site uses for its internal communication. We can see what is the most popular website for business meetings or group discussions. We can see which restaurants or venues receive the best reviews or the most random complaints. These sites tell us new tools on the rise, new companies entering the general lexicon, new places worth visiting, or even comparisons between similarly advertised products. The level of advice available is unbelievable, as long as you know where to look.

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