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What Does the Activ Secure Plan Cover for Cancer Patients?

Mrs. Pooja Shetty, a married working professional purchased a healthcare plan from a reputed insurance provider. She believed that her insurance policy covered all the major illnesses. However, her colleague, Ms. Sakshi Mishra, informed her that her health insurance policy covered only hospitalization costs of certain ailments and medical conditions. She advised Mrs. Pooja to invest in Activ Secure plan, a critical illness plan that covers life-threatening diseases, including cancer.

Unfortunately, Mrs.PoojaShetty was diagnosed with blood cancer, also known as leukemia, after two years of purchasing the Activ Secure plan. Although she had to undergo a great deal of emotional stress, she was glad that she did not face any financial burden. She was thankful to her colleague for advising her to purchase the Activ Secure plan, a health policy offering insurance for cancer patients.

About Activ Secure plan

Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co. Limited (ABHICL), the division that offers health insurance plans, recently announced the launch of Active Secure plan. This plan, along with Activ Assure, is aimed at offering a range of health and wellness benefits to the customers.

The Activ Secure plan offers benefit on diagnosis of any major or minor critical illness. This ensures that you receive all-round protection and security in case of an unexpected event. This plan provides comprehensive protection against 20, 50 or 64 critical illnesses based on your choice of plan.

  1. Plan 1

This plan covers 20 critical illnesses, including cancer of specified severity. You are entitled to receive 100% payout on the diagnosis of any of the 20 critical illnesses.

  1. Plan 2

Plan 2 of the Activ Secure plan, covers 50 critical illnesses, including cancer of specified severity. This plan offers 100% payout upon diagnosis of any of the mentioned critical illnesses.

  1. Plan 3

Under this plan, you may enjoy coverage against 64 illnesses, which include cancer of specified severity.

Scope of Activ Secure plan for cancer patients

The Activ Secure plan offers coverage against cancer of specified severity, which is defined as “malignant tumour characterized by the uncontrolled growth and spread of malignant cells with invasion and destruction of normal tissues” as per the policy document. It is imperative to knowthat the diagnosis of the deadly disease of cancer must be supported by histological evidence of malignancy.

Before investing in the ActivSecue plan, you may note that this form of cancer insuranceplan includes leukemia, lymphoma, and sarcoma. As Mrs. Poojawas suffering from leukemia, she received the benefits of this plan and was able to meet her medical expenses quite easily. Since she opted for Plan 2 she was entitled to receive 100% payout upon the diagnosis of cancer.

Mrs. Pooja had also chosen optional covers, and therefore, she availed of a second E-opinion from ABHICL’s panel of Medical Practitioners for Critical Illnesses. Moreover, she received the guidance of a wellness coach who provided advice on various aspects, such as nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle habits. She, therefore, enjoyed the various benefits of the Activ Secure plan, a comprehensivecancer health insurance policy. She did not face any financial burden as she used the sum assured to cover various cancer-related expenses, such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and hospitalization, among others.

You too may invest in such a cancer medical insurance plan and secure your financial future in case of the diagnosis of the disease. You may consider investing in such a plan if you have a family history of cancer or you do not have adequate savings to meet exorbitant medical bills. You may also invest in this type of cancer-cover health insurance policy if you are the only earning member or if your existing healthcare plan does not have sufficient coverage. By availing of the Activ Secure plan, you may protect yourself from the rising cost of healthcare, especially during major illnesses like cancer.

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