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9 Ways to Prepare Your Home For Winter

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With the upcoming winter months ahead of you, it is important for you to protect your house from the cold climate. The main advantages of doing this is that firstly, it will reduce your electricity bills and secondly, your property will be protected from any possible damage. Listed below are nine tips you can use to weather-proof your house:

  1. Reverse all ceiling fans- as you no doubt know, hot air rises. This can be a huge disadvantage in the winter months. In order to prevent heat from escaping, use the reverse switch of your fan so that the hot air is pushed downwards by the clockwise direction of the fan. This means you can keep your thermostat at a degree or more cooler so that you save on your electricity bill
  2. Clear your eaves- ensure that your eavestroughs are kept clean so that water does not accumulate. this accumulated water in the winter can freeze into ice and cause damage to the roof causing cracks and leaks
  3. Prevent ice dams- ice dams that form during winter can result in water flowing into and flooding parts of your house, causing great damage to the property and your belongings. In order to prevent this from happening, you should seek the help of professional weatherization contractors who can fix these issues from previous years
  4. Proof your Roof- any loose tiles or shingles in your roof can lead to hail or snow directly entering your house. Make sure you carefully inspect it before the winter months begin
  5. Caulk all windows and doors- silicone caulk is one of the best materials you can use in order to fill any gaps present between the window and its frames and similarly for doors. Silicone is not easily damaged by changes in climate and this is therefore extremely advantageous for weather proofing
  6. Close all exterior faucets- The main reason for pipes bursting is because of water freezing into ice within them. In order to avoid this, it is best to close all faucets leading outside the house and drain all external pipes so that they don’t burst in the cold months.
  7. Stow your mower- while you will not have any need for the mower in winter, you will need it immediately after in spring. However, leaving it outside in the cold months or even allowing fuel to remain in its engine for very long can cause damage to the carburettor. In order to avoid this, ensure that your tank is emptied and the mower is stored in a dry place
  8. Get your chimney inspected- it is extremely important to ensure that your chimney as well as the fireplace and/or other heating appliances are thoroughly inspected and cleaned before you use them. Failure to check and ensure their good state could result in fires or excessive production of carbon dioxide that will be harmful to the inhabitants living inside
  9. Test smoke and carbon dioxide detectors- before you certify your house to be weather-proofed, make sure that you get all smoke as well as carbon dioxide detectors checked properly and any batteries replaced according to necessity

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