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5 Reasons to Buy Aprilia SR 150 if you are a Two-Wheeler Lover

Most of us might not be aware of this Aprilia SR 150 scooter but we will try to highlight some of the major reasons why this scooter is one of the coolest options in the two wheeler category. Aprilia might not be a familiar name among many of use but all are aware of Piaggio which is considered to be one of the best two wheeler manufacturers in India and across the world. Piaggio India presented this sporty-scooter in February, 2016 and witnessed great response among young riders despite being in the higher price category. It has a unique design and sporty look which distinguishes it from others and makes it the coolest one in the market.


This is an all new sports scooter for the young and enthusiastic people. It comes with new steel frame and more rigid body than other models. It also consists of aerodynamic design which provides more safety features and latest technology which is hardly to find in any other scooter in this category. It consists of edgy European design which is considered to be hit among young generation. Unlike others, headlights are present on the front stance and indicators are present on the handles which gives a different look this scooter.


The Aprilia SR 150 scooter consists of 150 cc 4-stroke engine with a great performance and mileage. It will give 55kmpl mileage which is best in this class with self start only feature and disc brakes. It also has air cooled cooling system which gives better efficiency to its engine. It has maximum power of 10.4bhp and maximum torque of 11.4 Nm. The 6.5 litres of fuel capacity is enough to take it for longer routes as well.

Market competition

When there are too many options available in the market for similar category and price range, then people mostly opt for the reliable and oldest company for their product. Piaggio has never disappointed its customers and has delivered the best product to its customers. That’s why people have blind faith in this manufacturing company and hence it takes an edge over others.

Braking, colour variants and other features

It gives less colour options to its customers. This sporty scooter comes only in red-white and red-black colour combinations which is appealing and attractive. Aprilia SR 150 has disc brake at front and drum brake at back which provides the balanced ride for the riders. The 14 inch wheels are best suitable for any sports scooter or bike.

Aprilia SR 150 price

Some may find its price on the higher side but trust us, the company has done complete justice with this scooter and one shouldn’t hesitate in spending even more for this scooter. The price for Aprilia SR 150 scooter is approximately 68,000 INR in Delhi and may range differently in different cities. This is the standard price for this model and even worth buying because of its advanced features and better performance. The Aprilia SR 150 price is near about that of Honda Activa 150 and hence we can’t say that it has the highest price in the market.

The Last Words

All the points discussed above justify the title completely and makes it one of the coolest buys in the Indian market in the recent times. Everything including its design, price, performance is very convincing and doesn’t create a second thought among buyers who are planning to buy any scooter at this point of time. It comprised of every single feature that your scooter should have in terms of setting a trend in the Indian market.

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